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Best Montessori Kitchen Tools And Utensils

Best Montessori Kitchen Tools And Utensils

Leah Diana

Montessori education emphasizes hands on, experiential learning, and practical life skills. And one important aspect of practical life skills is cooking and preparing food. In the Montessori classroom, children are often given the opportunity to work in a kitchen environment, where they learn about food preparation, hygiene, and safety. So at home, you can also create a Montessori inspired kitchen environment by providing their children with the right kids kitchen utensils that are kid safe and age appropriate like a small cutting board and a crinkle cutter. A regular size tool might be too big for little hands so we small versions for them.

Before we get into the main tools, we want your kids to be able to reach the countertop or working space. So, we recommend you either use a learning tower or kitchen helper to help your toddler reach the items on the countertop, or use a Montessori weaning table for your little one to work on while prepping food. On the second option you’ll have to also go to their table and chair height to help and supervise.

Another thing regarding kitchen safety: Supervision is key but also use cut-resistant kitchen gloves for kids to work safely when your young child uses knives or other sharp tools. Also, start with easy recipes that don’t need too much preparation and time.

Food Preparation:

Small cutting board

Kids knife

Vegetable peeler

Apple slicer/corer

Small grater

Garlic press



Salad spinner

Handheld can opener

Mortar and pestle

Measuring and Mixing:

Measuring cups and spoons

Kids whisk and spatula

Small spoon

Mixing bowls

Cooking and Baking:

Kids rolling pin


Fine mesh strainer

Handheld citrus zester

Pastry brush

Other Useful Kitchen Tools:

Child-size apron

Non-slip place mat

Cooking activities like prepping food, mixing, and even cleaning are great Montessori activities. These daily life activities increase your child’s self confidence and promotes excitement about the foods they make. Providing children with the right tools can help them develop practical skills, learn about food preparation and cooking, and just helping in the kitchen increases sense of responsibility and independence. By investing in child sized kitchen tools, parents can create a safe and nurturing environment where their children can explore their culinary creativity. If you want some great recipes for kids, look at the best kids cooking kits that also often come with some tools and extras. We even have a RaddishKids review and a Eat2Explore review.

Kids can also practice pouring with measuring cups while playing with sensory bins on sensory tables.

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