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Best Kitchen Helper For Toddlers 2023

Best Kitchen Helper For Toddlers 2023

Leah Diana

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Do you remember helping bake a cake as a child? For a child to be able to help or watch parents inn the kitchen and be part of the real world is a great way to teach them independence and involve them in your daily routines. Kitchen Helpers or Learning Towers are an excellent addition in a household with toddlers as they bring your child to counter height, making it super easy for them to be involved and be able to see what is going on.

Benefits of a Learning Tower

  • Gives child opportunity to be part of your cooking, cleaning, working in the kitchen
  • Child gains independence by being able to go to counter height by climbing onto or off the tower themselves
  • Compared to a chair or stool, a kitchen helper tower offers more safety from falling and is build for toddlers to stand on

Modern Nursery Learning Tower & Desk

This learning tower for toddlers is a great 2 in 1. You can turn it on the side to create a stool and desk for your child to sit and draw or craft.

Of course it’s still a great helper stool for getting on counter height. There is railings for safety and even a chalkboard for even more fun and possibilities.

If you’re looking for something versatile, this kitchen helper stool is it!

Guidecraft Kitchen Helper Classic

Looking for a helper that you can fold and store very easily? This one is perfect for easy storage in smaller spaces! With this step stool you have a very cute style for your little one with the cut outs on the sides. You can choose from different colors but the best thing is the safety features. The front and back have a net to keep your child from falling off or slipping through the opening.

Guidecraft Double Kitchen Helper

If you have multiple kids, then this kitchen helper stool is perfect for you. It is wider, making it great for two kids (up to 175 lbs) to be on it and have enough room. Have so much fun and lots of family togetherness without having to worry about falling with the non-slip mat and safety net. It will keep your kids safe!

The platform has an adjustable height from 15″ or 18″ for the perfect height for your little ones. Choose white or the natural color.

Adjustable Learning Tower

Source: MontessoriHOUSEbed

This Kitchen Tower has an adjustable top step and climbing step making it perfect for your child through different ages. It is handmade of wood and comes in different colors to choose from. With its simple, clean design this kitchen helper stool is no eye sore in the kitchen. The bars on the top front and top back are great to keep the child safe and give support in case of leaning forward or backward. Older kids will still enjoy it, too!

SDADI Kitchen Stool

This is a great option and more affordable kitchen helper for toddlers. It also has a rail in the back to protect the child from falling backwards and will get your child to kitchen counter height to help or watch you in the kitchen.

This wooden step stool is a good starter and will give you a insight on how you want to use it.

Things To Consider When Using a Kitchen Helper

Teach your child how to use the standing tower. While learning towers are made to be safer for kids to stand on, you might still need to make sure they know not to jump or go too wild while on it.

Consider how many kids you have. If you have multiple toddlers that might want to use the kitchen helper, teach them to switch sometimes. You could also get two or check the weight limit and sizing, perhaps two kids can fit on it.

Keep in mind what they can reach. Allowing your child access to the countertop also allows them access to anything they can reach from there. With a toddler tower they will have a lot more access, so keep that in mind.

Measure your space. Make sure you have extra space around the kitchen helper so that your child can easily climb on it and you also have room to maneuver around it. If you want to use the toddler stool in other places like the bathroom sink when brushing teeth, you will also need to see how much space you have there.

If you want to cook with your littles, we recommend Montessori kitchen tools for kids and you can use the easy recipes of kids cooking kits like RaddishKids and Eat2Explore or kids cookbooks! So much fun for the whole family! And to get even more independence for kids, maybe opt for a Montessori weaning table so toddlers can eat at their own little table and reach everything.

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