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Raddish Kids Review

Raddish Kids Review

Leah Diana

I love cooking and trying new healthy recipes! My kids love helping sometimes and it’s great for them to get involved, and see what goes into meals. Plus, it is a fun bonding experience. I saw an ad on my social media for Raddish Kids and knew we had to give this a try. It’s basically a cooking club for kids that comes with a monthly subscription box full of recipe cards, a shopping list, and fun kitchen tools. Let’s get into our Raddish Kids Review!

Who is it for?

Raddish Kids is a good fit for parents who love to cook or bake and their kids like to be involved! The kits and recipes are made for kids ages 4-14+. While younger children might need a bit more help from you, older kids will even be able to follow the kid friendly recipes by themselves. I think involving parents and kids makes it super fun though! With this raddish kit you can have little cooking lessons and kids cook real food!

You should also know, they have 3 different subscription boxes – the Cooking Club, the Baking Club, and the Global Eats Club. So it really depends on what you’re looking for. If you prefer baking then of course, go ahead and try the Baking Club. If you want to teach them more about international cuisines, try the Global Eats Club. We wanted to start off with the Cooking Club since I cook more than I bake so it just seems more natural to me. But I would 100% love to try the other clubs later on, too.

Cost & What a raddish kids kit includes

The kids cooking subscription box start at $23.95 per month. You can even add on a sibling bundle for $5 so you get a sibling tool and patch in each monthly kit. Also, you can gift the subscription to someone, which I think is a great idea for a unique gift idea. They offer monthly, six month, or twelve month subscription.

In each kit you get:

  • Easy to follow recipes:
    When the box arrives there are 3 recipe cards are designed for kids to follow, with simple instructions and illustrations. The kids had no trouble understanding what to do and they were able to make the recipes on their own, with just a little help from me.
  • Fun kitchen tools:
    The raddish kids box also comes with fun kitchen tools, like a silicone baking mat, a rolling pin, or a cookie cutter. These tools make cooking even more fun for the kids, and they can use them over and over again.
  • Shopping list:
    The shopping list is a big plus for me, as I often forget what ingredients I need to buy for the recipes. With the Raddish Kids shopping list, I can easily check what ingredients I need to buy and make sure I have everything we need for the recipes. It’s also fun to take your little ones shopping and they can have their own list this time!
  • Raddish+ digital access:
    The online library of all Raddish Kids recipes is available to you with your membership. This means you can even look into the recipes from the other clubs. Every month the new recipes get added here, too.

Note: Ingredients are not included.

FYI: They do offer dietary substitutions for vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free, and gluten-free diets.

What I love about cooking with my kids:

I think it’s awesome that my kids get to experiment with different flavors and ingredients and see how they can make healthy food taste delicious. I think this is also great for picky eaters to try new things.

Cooking is also a great skill to learn that they can use for the rest of their lives, and it’s a fun way to get them interested in healthy eating early on. With cooking kits they learn basic cooking skills like chopping vegetables, measuring ingredients, and mixing ingredients together.

This is a great way for parents and kids to bond. We’ve been having lots of fun in the kitchen together! You can work together on a recipe, take turns measuring ingredients, and in the end, you can share the finished meal. What a great way to spend quality time and make memories that will last a lifetime!

What you might want to consider:

The monthly subscription is a bit pricey, but I think it’s worth it for the fun and educational experiences my kids get from it. I think it really depends on you if you think it’s worth it. All I can say it makes things easy and the whole process a fun cooking experience.

Each monthly box only comes with 3 recipes, which is not a lot. However, my kids have been able to repeat their favorite recipes several times, which is great for instilling confidence in the kitchen. It also makes sense if you want one recipe for one weekend, which worked for us. Also, you still get access to the Raddish recipes online.

Overall, I highly recommend the Raddish Kids subscription box for any families with kids who love to cook and try new recipes. The recipes are easy to follow, the kitchen tools are fun, and the shopping list is great. Your kids will learn so much and will have so much fun making the recipes.

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