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Montessori Weaning Table And Chair

Montessori Weaning Table And Chair

Leah Diana

If you’re looking for a way to make weaning easier and more comfortable for your little one, you might want to consider getting a Montessori weaning table and chair.

What is a Montessori weaning table and chair, you ask? Well, it’s a specially designed piece of furniture that allows your child to sit upright and eat independently. The table and chair are both low to the ground, making it easy for your child to climb in and out of the chair, and the small table is just the right height and size for their little arms to reach everything on the surface.

Montessori & Me Weaning Table and Chair Set

Many Montessori parents enjoy this table set. It is perfect for little ones as young as 8 months, and it can be used all the way up to kindergarten. It’s great to develop your child’s independence and perfect for a Montessori home or classroom.

This weaning table and chair set is made of durable hardwood, so you can count on it lasting through many years. The chair also nests into the table, taking up minimal space.

Sprout Kids Adjustable Montessori Weaning Chair & Table

Source: SproutKids

This is a great tool to help your child transition to solid foods while also promoting independence during meal times, crafts and other activities. What is really great about this set is that the seat and table legs lengths are adjustable ensure the perfect height for your kid. This set is made from durable and safe materials, is easy to clean and can be easily assembled and disassembled for convenient storage.

Costzon Kids Table and Chairs Set

This table has a multipurpose tabletop. On one side, there’s a blackboard for drawing and writing with chalk, while the other side is perfect for reading, playing, and eating. You’ll love the built-in storage under the tabletop and chairs. It’s made from from sturdy and safe wood while still being lightweight enough for your kids of different ages to move the chairs themselves.

Foldable Montessori Helper Tower – Table & Chair

If you’re looking for versatility and like the Montessori approach, this weaning table is a great option that can also double as a helper tower for your toddler in the kitchen. This tower is super easy and quick to assemble! We love learning towers as they are great for learning, cooking, and playing, and this one has a blackboard surface for your young children to draw on.

But why is this type of furniture so special?

It’s different from using a high chair on the family table. Using Montessori furniture can help your child sit upright and using their arms to reach for food and using utensils can help your child’s development, specifically their core muscles, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills.

Also, using a weaning table and chair set can also help your child’s independence and self-confidence. By giving them their own space to eat meals, you’re showing them that you trust them to take care of themselves. They’ll also feel proud and accomplished when they’re able to eat on their own without help from you or anyone else.

Another great thing about a Montessori weaning table and chair is that it can be used for other independent activities as well. You can use it as a place for your young child to do puzzles, color, or play with toys. By having their own special space, they’ll feel more engaged and invested in whatever activity they’re doing.

Things to keep in mind when you buy a weaning table and chair

Make sure the table and chair are the right size for your child. You want them to be able to climb in and out of the chair easily and to reach everything on the table without having to strain.

Look for a table and chair made from safe, sturdy materials. You want something that will hold up to frequent use and that won’t pose any safety hazards.

Consider the design and aesthetics of the weaning chair and table. You want something that will fit well with the rest of your home decor and that your child will enjoy using.

Weaning tables and chairs can be a great investment for parents looking to make weaning easier and more enjoyable for their child. By giving your child their own special space to eat and play, you’ll be helping them develop important skills and fostering their independence and confidence. So why not give it a try? Your little one might just love it!

If you’re interested in other furniture that is montessori aligned, you can look for a floor bed, that also promotes independence. There are also montessori high chairs that still help wean but at the same table as the rest of the family.

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