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Eat2explore Review

Eat2explore Review

Casey Stevens

Are you on the lookout for educational and engaging ways to teach your kids about the world? One fantastic way to do so is through food! Food is not only a necessity of life, but it also carries cultural significance and tells stories of different regions and countries. That’s where Eat2Explore, a kids cooking kit, comes in handy. In this blog post, we will review Eat2Explore and explore how this unique subscription box can help kids learn about the world through food and taste different world’s cuisines.

We spend a lot of time in our kitchen already. I love cooking and my kids love helping sometimes if they can. And even when they don’t, they’re still around and doing other stuff right next to me and watching here and there. So they’ve been kind of involved already. Now, we also as a family enjoy learning about other countries and cultures. So naturally, we were all very interested in this explore box.

What is Eat2Explore?

Eat2Explore is a monthly subscription box service that delivers a culinary adventure to your door every month. Each box is designed to help young kids explore a new country’s cuisine and culture through a carefully curated selection of recipes, ingredients, and educational materials. The boxes are aimed at children aged 5 and older and are a fun and interactive way to introduce them to the world’s diverse culinary traditions. It’s a fun family activity, great for bonding and making lasting memories together while learning about various cultures!

What’s in the Box?

Each Eat2Explore box comes with everything you need to embark on a culinary adventure with your kids. The box typically includes:

  • Recipe Cards: The box includes step-by-step instructions for making traditional dishes from the featured country. The recipes are kid-friendly and come with colorful illustrations that make them easy to follow.
  • Shopping Lists: Take the shopping list to the grocery store to shop fresh ingredients on your own time and you’ll know exactly what you’ll need.
  • Spices and Sauces: The box includes pre-measured spice blends, sauces, and condiments that are essential to the cuisine of the featured country. This allows kids to explore new flavors and learn about different spices and ingredients.
  • Educational Materials: The box includes a country explorer brochure that provides interesting facts and information about the featured country’s culture, geography, and history. There are also fun activities like word puzzles and trivia questions that help kids learn in a playful way.
  • Cooking Tool: Some boxes may also include cooking tools like cookie cutters, measuring spoons, or other utensils that are specific to the featured country’s cuisine.

How Does Eat2Explore Work?

  1. Choose a Plan: Eat2Explore offers several subscription plans, including a monthly plan, a 3-month plan, and a 6-month plan. You can choose the plan that best fits your needs and budget.
  2. Select a Country: Each month, it features a different country’s cuisine. You can choose to receive boxes from specific countries or let the service surprise you with a different country each month.
  3. Receive Your Box: Once you’ve subscribed, your Eat2Explore box will be delivered to your door each month, filled with culinary adventures for your kids.
  4. Cook and Explore: Get cooking with your kids using the recipes and ingredients provided in the box. Follow the step-by-step instructions, learn about new ingredients, and explore the country’s culture through the educational materials provided.

This box is great for curious kids! My kids had fun learning about different cultures. The first box comes with a passport you can use for future boxes and add the country stickers in it. Kids love feeling like they “traveled” and have a visual representation of new foods from a new country they tried.

This is really one of the best cooking kits and so unique! Start your edible educational journey and try it out for homeschool or just for fun!

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