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Best Outdoor Sensory Table 2023

Best Outdoor Sensory Table 2023

Leah Diana

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The toddler stage can be a really fun but also frustrating time as your child is still learning so much, making messes, and wanting entertainment. We love doing sensory activities to not only keep kids busy and entertained but also to explore different textures, shapes, and also work on motor skills. If you’re looking for the best outdoor sensory table for kids out on the market, you have probably created your own sensory bins before and are familiar with the concept.

While a sensory bin on a table or stool is already a great option, there are sensory tables that are build to do the same with more stability to not fall and with the perfect height for little ones in mind. Below we show you our top 5 tables for outdoor sensory play.

Our All Time Favorite Outdoor Sensory Table

3-in-1 Sand & Water Activity Table

This convertible picnic table is a best seller that can turn into a sensory table by removing the top. The two bins can be filled with water, sand, or other materials for a fun activity.

The umbrella is perfect for sunny days to protect your kids while having extra fun outdoors. Outdoor play is of course great for fresh air but also keeps any messes out of the house.

Best Priced Outdoor Sensory Table

Kidoozie Sensory Table

We love this toddler sensory table as the best affordable option. You and your toddler will have lots of fun with the two bins and included toys.

The table is easily assembled and you can simply put the lid on top to keep everything in one place.

Compared to number 1 on this list, this sensory table is made of plastic which one the one hand makes it a bit less sturdy in the sense it is easier for someone to run into it and make it fall over. However, on the plus side, this is the perfect table to take on the go with an affordable price tag. We loved taking it to the beach and used it to keep toys in it while also giving all kids the opportunity to play with it.

Best Table with Extras

Table with Play Tent & Toys

If you’re looking for a set that already has a bunch of stuff for the best outdoor sunny day with your kid, this might be the right fit for you.

The plastic table makes it easy to be moved around and taken to other places like the beach or even to their grandparents’ place.

Best Sensory Table on Wheels

Children’s Factory 24″H Large Sensory Table & Lid

While on the higher end, this sensory table is amazing for moving it around and to keep more than one child entertained. There is enough space for multiple kids!

One thing you might consider is that there is no separate bins in it if you wanted to do different sensory activities at once. The quality of this table is great. All parents we have asked that have it, love it! And kids love it, too.

Best 4 Bin Table

TEMI 4-in-1 Sand Water Table

This is another option if you have multiple kids. The table is separated into 4 bins making it easy to have one child for one bin or to have multiple different sensory bins set up.

The included toys can also be great for outdoor sand or water play.

A lot of the outdoor sensory tables mentioned here are advertised as kids water tables. Using water and sand play are popular options but you can 100% use those water tables for sand and water play as well as other sensory play.

Sensory play is great for kids to learn about textures, colors, and also develop motor skills when pouring, building, etc. It helps in the beginning stages of fine motor control development in your child’s life.

A few things you can put into the bins: Shaving cream, bubble water, sand, magic sand, leaves, colored corn/pasta/rice, and figurines,… Sometimes things can get messy with cream, water, etc. but in all that chaos your children will be learning constantly.

We chose these best sensory tables based off personal experience as well as reviews of other parents that own them. We also have some great open ended toys and sensory toys for toddlers you might like. For outdoor play, you could also look for outdoor toys for 1 year+ and swing sets for older kids.

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