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When To Have A Baby Shower

When To Have A Baby Shower

Casey Stevens

Are you expecting a little bundle of joy? Congratulations! One of the most exciting parts of pregnancy is celebrating the upcoming arrival of your baby with a baby shower. But when is the best time to have a baby shower? What should you consider when planning this special event? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In this guide, we’ll walk you through when to have a baby shower, why it matters, and how to plan the perfect baby shower.

When to Have a Baby Shower

The timing of a baby shower is crucial to ensure that the mom-to-be is comfortable and able to fully enjoy the celebration. Here are some factors to consider when determining the right time to have a baby shower:

Pregnancy Progress

Most baby showers are held at the end of the second trimester or during the third trimester of pregnancy, between the 28th and 36th week. By this time, the mom-to-be has usually entered the home stretch of her pregnancy and is feeling more comfortable than in the earlier stages. However, every pregnancy is different, so make sure to take the mom-to-be’s health and comfort into consideration when setting the date for baby showers. This also give ample time to plan and send invitations out. Most moms have their baby showers at least 4-6 weeks before the due date.

Guest Availability

Consider the availability of close friends and family members who will be invited to the baby shower. Check with key guests, such as grandparents, siblings, and best friends, to ensure that they can attend on the chosen date. Avoid scheduling the baby shower on holidays, weekends with major events, or during peak travel times to ensure maximum attendance.


Weather can also play a role in determining the best time to have a baby shower. If you’re planning an outdoor baby shower, consider the season and weather conditions. Spring and fall tend to be popular choices for outdoor baby showers, as the weather is usually mild. If you’re hosting an indoor baby shower, weather may not be as much of a concern.

Personal Preference

Ultimately, the perfect time to have a baby shower depends on the parents-to-be’s preferences. Some moms may want to have a baby shower earlier in their pregnancy, while others may prefer to wait until later. It’s important to communicate with the parents-to-be and take her wishes into consideration when planning the baby shower.

Why Throw a Baby Shower?

Having a baby shower is not just about receiving gifts for the new baby. It’s a special occasion that allows the mom and new parents to be celebrated, pampered, and supported as she prepares for motherhood. Here are a few reasons why having a baby shower matters:

Emotional Support

Pregnancy can be an overwhelming time, and a baby shower provides emotional support to the mom-to-be. It’s a time for her to share her excitement, fears, and hopes with her loved ones, and to receive encouragement and well-wishes as she embarks on her journey into motherhood.

Celebration of Motherhood

Baby showers are a celebration of the mom-to-be and her role as a mother. It’s a time for her to be surrounded by her loved ones and to be honored for the incredible feat of growing a new life inside her. It’s also a wonderful way for friends and family to express their love and appreciation for the new and expectant parents and to show their support for the new arrival.

Practical Help

Baby showers often involve baby shower gifts for the new baby, such as diapers, baby clothes, and baby gear. These gifts can be a practical help for the expectant parents as they prepare for the time their baby arrives. They can also help ease the financial burden of buying baby essentials, especially for first-time parents.

Memories and Bonding

A baby shower creates lasting memories for the mom-to-be and her loved ones. It’s a time to capture precious moments through photos, create keepsakes, and strengthen bonds with family and friends. The memories created during a baby shower will be cherished for years to come and can serve as a reminder of the love and support surrounding the mom-to-be as she embarks on her motherhood journey.

How to Plan the Perfect Baby Shower

Planning a baby shower requires careful consideration and attention to detail to ensure a memorable and enjoyable event for the mom-to-be and guests. Here are some steps to help you plan the perfect baby shower:

Set a Date and Time

Consider the factors mentioned earlier, such as the mom-to-be’s comfort, guest availability, weather, and expectant parents personal preference, to determine the best date and time for the baby shower. Once you have a date, make sure to communicate it to key guests, and send out baby shower invitations well in advance.

Choose a Venue

Select a venue that suits the mom-to-be’s preferences and the overall theme of the baby shower. It could be at a friend’s or family member’s house, a rented event space, a park for an outdoor event, or a local restaurant or café. Consider the number of guests, budget, and convenience when choosing the venue. You can choose a color scheme to celebrate the little one and the parents.

Decide on a Theme and Decorations

Choose a theme for the baby shower that reflects the mom-to-be’s personality and preferences. It could be based on the baby’s gender, nursery theme, or a favorite hobby or interest of the mom-to-be. Plan the decorations accordingly, including table settings, banners, balloons, and floral arrangements, to create a cohesive and visually appealing atmosphere.

Plan the Menu

Consider the mom-to-be’s dietary restrictions and preferences when planning the menu. It could be a brunch, lunch, afternoon tea, or a dessert-themed baby shower. Collaborate with a caterer or plan a potluck with close friends and family members to ease the workload. Don’t forget the cake or cupcakes to celebrate the sweet arrival of the baby!

Organize Fun Games and Activities

Baby shower games and activities can add fun and entertainment to the event. Choose fun baby shower games that are inclusive, interactive, and enjoyable for all guests, such as guessing games, diaper-changing races, or baby-themed trivia. You can also plan activities such as a craft station, photo booth, or a belly painting session to keep everyone engaged.

Create a Baby Registry

Help the parents-to-be prepare for the baby by creating a gift registry. Include a variety of items, such as baby clothes, diapers, nursery essentials, and baby gear like swaddles, Nanobebe bottles, the Owlet smart sock, or baby’s first year book to give guests options when choosing gifts. Include the gift registry information in the invitations, but also emphasize that gifts are not mandatory, and the presence of guests is the most important gift of all.

Send Thank You Notes

After the baby shower, express gratitude to the guests by sending thank you notes. Handwritten notes add a personal touch and show appreciation for their presence and gifts. Make sure to mention the specific gift they gave and how much it means to the mom-to-be and her growing family.

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