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My Experience With Owlet Smart Sock | Review 2023

My Experience With Owlet Smart Sock | Review 2023

Leah Diana

As new parents and especially for first time parents we were super worried all the time. I wanted to do everything right and care for my new baby but sometimes I got all in my head and questioned every little thing. I realized a lot of my worries were when my baby was sleeping. I had heard so much about how to properly practice safe sleep – nothing in there that is not needed – and still I found myself constantly worrying. This is where the Owlet Smart Sock has provided us with peace on mind with the live readings of our baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels right on our phone, allowing us to monitor their health while they sleep.

What is the Owlet Smart Sock?

The Owlet Dream Sock (previously called Smart Sock – but it is still smart!!!) is a smart baby monitor designed to help you keep track of your baby’s sleeping patterns and provide peace of mind while your little one is resting. It comes in the form of a soft and comfortable sock that your baby wears while they sleep. The sock is made from hypoallergenic fabric that is gentle on your baby’s skin and doesn’t cause any discomfort. The sock is designed for babies aged 0-18 months, making it suitable for newborns and infants.

You can also get the Owlet monitor duo you get a baby monitor together with the Smart Sock for the ultimate bundle and peace of mind and you can easily set it up in your baby’s room! This is an extra which can be great for many parents but others might prefer other baby monitors. With the Owlet cam, you can connect to your phone and see everything on the app right there.

How does the Owlet Smart Sock work?

The Owlet Sock uses pulse oximetry technology to monitor your baby’s heart rate and oxygen level while they sleep. The sock has sensors that are embedded in the fabric and gently wrap around your baby’s foot. These sensors are designed to be safe and non-intrusive, so your baby can sleep comfortably without any disruptions.

The data collected by the Dream Sock is transmitted wirelessly to the Owlet App on your smartphone, allowing you to monitor your baby’s sleep in real-time. The app provides insights and notifications about your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels, so you can quickly respond if there are any changes or irregularities. You can also view historical sleep data, track sleep trends, and set custom notifications based on your baby’s sleep patterns.

My Owlet Smart Sock Review

Let me start off by saying this is not a medical device and I was well aware of that. While it has been very helpful in easing my worries, I also know that there can possibly be lagging, false positives, and some inconsistencies. I would compare it similar to a smartwatch fitness tracker – they do their best but you can’t 100% rely on it for your overall health.

One of the best features of the Owlet Dream Sock is the 10-minute average oxygen readings. This has been incredibly helpful in tracking our baby’s oxygen levels over time. You can also see your baby’s sleep quality with tracking light sleep, deep sleep, and wakings! The app is user friendly and easy to use, and when you keep your phone next to you it’s convenient to glance over and double check the numbers every now and then.

The sock itself is made of soft material and the Owlet sensor is not too bulky, so our baby has never had discomfort wearing it. The sock comes in different sizes, and it’s easy to adjust as our baby grows. The sensor is also easy to swap out, and the app provides clear alerts for when the sock is not properly placed or if there is a lost connection. The sock has a long battery life and it recharges fast!

The Owlet Dream Sock also includes an Owlet base station that lights up in different colors to indicate the readings from the sensor. It’s helpful to have a visual indicator, especially when we are not looking at the app. The different colors indicate charging, readings, lost connection, or if something may be wrong with the baby. The alerts can also be easily turned off from the app. You should know that the base station has to be pretty close to your baby.

While there have been some occasional notifications for out-of-range or bad placement even when the sock is secure, and the oxygen sensor may take up to 10 minutes to read, these minor inconveniences do not outweigh the peace of mind and valuable information the Owlet Smart Sock provides. We have been able to establish a sleep routine for our baby using the heart rate and sleep state data, and it has been immensely helpful in easing our worries about SIDS.

Overall, I am extremely happy with the Owlet Dream Sock and would highly recommend it to any new parents. It has been worth every penny for the peace of mind and restful sleep it has given us. The 10-minute average oxygen readings, heart rate monitoring, and sleep state tracking have been invaluable in keeping our baby safe and providing us with valuable insights into their health. I will continue to use the Owlet Dream Sock until my baby outgrows it, and I would not hesitate to use it for any future children as well.

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