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Best Gifts For New Parents 2023

Best Gifts For New Parents 2023

Leah Diana

The best gift will be the one where thought was put into choosing it. Personalizing a gift is a great idea to make it more special but what does the person actually want or need? If you’re looking for a present for a new parent, look no further as we created a list of great options for you that new parents will appreciate. Looking through this might also help remember in case they mentioned anything before that they were looking for or had or their baby registry but didn’t get it.

Pregnancy & Childhood Journal

Writing down milestones during pregnancy and postpartum gives great memories to parents and also the children when they grow up. This journal is wonderful to keep track and remember this special time forever.



This subscription box is great for parents that are expecting or just had their first child. A box comes every two months for child’s first year, and every three months for the next three years. Each box comes with toys that are perfect for the age of the child. It keeps the guessing out of what toys the child can play with at a certain age. The toys are developed by experts with the Montessori Method in mind to help with the development of children through learning and playing.


This is a play mat for children to explore many different things like sounds, touch, colors in one spot. Accessories and cards can be changed. If looking for baby gifts, this this might be the perfect gift. A Play Guide is also included to give inspiration on how to use the mat.

Lounge Set

New parents love being cozy, especially during the holidays and winter months. A nice new lounge set for a new mother or father would be a good gift for relaxing after a long day or running errands during the day. After the first few weeks a new mom needs time to heal and won’t be able to wear tight clothing, so having nice loungewear options are always great for this time.

Matching Holiday PJ Set

Source: Hanna

A matching PJ set for the whole family is a cute present for parents that enjoy the holidays and might want to celebrate a little extra. They also are great for cute photos. You can get a matching set even for a pet, not only for babies, kids, and adults.


Source: Sunbasket

For new moms and dads time to go to the grocery store, carry it home, prep and cook elaborate meals can be exhausting. They often run without much sleep so a helping hand will always be appreciated. Sunbasket is a meal kit delivery service that get gets meal kits or already prepared meals to your door every week. This subscription box can be customized every week, and you can choose between different subscription lengths. This is a thoughtful gift for tired parents as they navigate through taking care of a brand new baby and themselves. There are also a lot of other food delivery services to choose from.

Scrapbook Kit

If the parents you know are more creative and like to craft, they might like to do their own scrapbooking. This way it gives them a lot more creative freedom and space to put as many of their favorite photos of a given time as they want. We would recommend either gifting an existing kit or create your own with some stickers and color pens.

Date Night (with Babysitting Included)

It can be hard for new parents to find alone time for the two of them. Giving them the option to go out and spend time just the two of them without having to worry about who will look after the child, could be a one of the most thoughtful gifts. We would recommend leaving the date of the date night open so you all can see when it works best for all of you.

Ring Sling Baby Carrier

Made from bamboo and linen this super soft sling carrier is a great alternative to the usual baby carriers. It takes up much less space to store and keeps the baby very close to the parent. It also looks super cute in the different colors.

Hatch Light & Sound Machine

A fan favorite you can see so many bloggers, vloggers, everyone talk about is this little night light. It also makes white sound at the same time and will help the little one to fall asleep easier. The light and sound can be customized and changed. As a welcome gift after bringing the baby home this might be very appreciated.

Diaper Bag

What do new parents do so so much? Changing diapers! Having a nice, roomy diaper bag is a great gift that makes diaper changes on the go easier, faster and less to worry about. This one comes with stroller hooks, fits a the essential baby products while looking more stylish.

Amazon Prime Membership

If they don’t already have a membership for Amazon Prime, this is a a practical gift that they will likely really be able to take advantage of. Wether it may be for diapers, baby bottles, napkins, baby wipes, toys, or any anything else they might need, they can find all the essentials on Amazon and receive it fast!

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