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Nanobebe Bottles Review 2023

Nanobebe Bottles Review 2023

Leah Diana

As a mom, I know how important it is to find the right bottle that meets all our little one’s needs, from preserving breast milk nutrients to reducing colic and providing a natural feel. Nanobebe has got it all covered! The Nanobebe Breastmilk Baby Bottles are really the star of their products, perfect for breastfeeding moms. They were recommended to me by my friend who also had a baby that didn’t want to take the bottle. Little spoiler – it also worked great for my baby! Let’s get into the Nanobebe review.

One of the best Nanobebe bottle features is that it comes with a breast pump adapter so you can pump straight into them. (The breast pump adapter is for standard-neck pumps such as Medela and Ameda, but there is also an adapter set for wide-neck pumps available) It’s a game-changer for busy moms who are juggling breastfeeding and pumping. A bottle has a capacity of 5 oz.

Also, the uniquely designed bottles are stackable, saving precious fridge space. Of course, you can still use milk storage bags, too. The stacking ability also makes it easy to track the pumping order without having to use labels.

It’s the only baby bottle designed with nutrition in mind. When it’s time to warm up the milk, the concave shape of the bottle spreads the milk into a thin layer, promoting quick and even warming without damaging the nutrients. This means you can quickly feed your hungry baby without compromising on the quality of breast milk. The Nanobebe bottle is designed to not only warm milk evenly to prevent overheating, but also cool breast milk quickly, reducing bacterial growth. This makes sure that you can feed your baby with confidence and peace of mind. I find this design very cool and so thoughtfully designed!

The unique shape of baby bottles is also perfect for little hands to hold the bottle by themselves eventually. The familiar breast-like shape of the bottle also really helps with the transition from breast to bottle for a breastfed baby. It avoids nipple confusion, making it easier for babies to latch and feed comfortably. This is where I really saw how easy it was for my little one to take the bottle where other bottles were a hit or miss.

One other great feature of the bottles is their anti-colic design. The triple-vented nipple reduces air pressure inside the bottle during feeding, helping to prevent colic and fussiness in babies. It’s also a slow flow nipple, which makes it more similar to breastfeeding.

If your baby refuses bottle feeding and is really attached to only being a breastfeeding baby, you might be in luck with these baby bottles. The Nanobebe bottle made my breastfeeding journey much more enjoyable! The price point is higher for sure than different bottles by other brands, but you really can’t find this same unique shape design and quality elsewhere.

Now, let’s talk about the Nanobebe Flexy Silicone Baby Bottles.

This baby bottle is great for breastmilk and formula feeding. It is probably better suited for formula than the Breastmilk Bottles simply because you can actually mix the formula with water in the bottle, while in the other you want to mix it before.

The Flexy Silicone baby bottles have the same anti colic system with a 360° triple vented non-collapsible nipple design that promotes a perfect latch and prevents post-feeding fussiness, gassiness, and discomfort, making it ideal for breastfed babies. The soft silicone bottle also have a soft, breast-like feel to them to make the transition from breast to bottle easier and work with bottle refusal. Also, the stable base prevents tipping on any surface. And there is an easy-to-read volume scale to make measuring easy.

As your little one grows, the Flexy silicone bottles come in two sizes that can hold 5 or 9 oz of milk or formula. And you can even add quick snap bottle handles that are sold separately to encourage the development of fine motor skills.

I think that Nanobébé bottles also make the perfect registry gift for new parents if you’re looking for someone or are wondering what to put on your own registry. With multiple starter set options and Nanobebe products available, like an electric bottle brush or diaper bag, you can share the joy of this award-winning innovation with your loved ones easily.

With so many glass and plastic bottles on the market the new and innovative design by Nanobebe is truly special and it’s a great bottle when struggling with bottle feeding your baby. It can save you the back and forth between trying other many bottles.

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