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Best Games For 2 Year Olds | Board Games, Puzzles, More

Best Games For 2 Year Olds | Board Games, Puzzles, More

Leah Diana

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What’s better than a day spent playing games with your 2 year old? Here are some of our family’s favorites! These games are perfect for interactive play and helping to develop your child’s skills. So grab a few friends or family members and get ready for some fun!

When it comes to games for 2 year olds, the sky’s the limit! These little ones are just starting to learn about the world around them and how to interact with it. This means that there are a lot of games that they can enjoy.

Some of the best games for 2 year olds include things like puzzles, which are big and easy enough for them to manage, but still provide a good challenge. Board games are also a great choice – they can help teach kids how to take turns, follow rules, and develop problem solving skills. And of course, there’s always plenty of room for creativity with things like arts and crafts!

One thing to keep in mind when choosing games for 2 year olds is that they need to have parts big enough that they can’t accidentally swallow them. And it’s always a good idea to supervise young kids while they’re playing, just to be safe.

With all that in mind, here are some great game ideas for 2 year olds!

Super Size Memory Game

We all know Memory the game. It’s a great learning game for any age. The cards in this set are big, thick, sturdy and colorful! It is the perfect game to play with a 2 year old and older to learn names of animals and match the same images.

Monkey Around Board Game

This one is a favorite board game among parents and grandparents of little ones that are 2 years old. It is simple, of course you’ll need to help read the cards but it is a lot of fun for kids. The bean bag banana withstands a lot. A card might say to throw the banana to each other working on hand eye coordination.

Where’s Bear? The Hide and Find Stacking Block Game for 2 Year Olds

This game comes with 6 cardboard nesting boxes and a bear figure to stack and hide/find the bear. The illustrations of the nesting boxes make it interesting and tell the story of the different rooms in bear’s house. For older children this might not be too interesting but for two year old it is perfect.

Wooden Kids Baby Activity Cube

This activity cube is small making it easy to bring it with you to a different room or even to grandma and grandpa’s. It is going to be lots of fun for your little one (just be sure to watch over them especially when playing with the shapes as some parents have said they find them too small and a possible choking hazard).

Water Painting Mat

Does your child like coloring or drawing? It can be messy – but not with this water painting pad! The drawing disappears after a few minutes giving new room for other ideas. It is a great way to play something like charade, draw, or practice lines or letters. This is not only great for a 2 year old but also older toddlers.

Animal Matching Puzzles

This puzzle set is the perfect starter puzzle for young children. There are 15 animals to match, the pieces are big and colorful. Start off with only a few of the pairs to match so your kid can learn what to do and not be overwhelmed.

Eric Carle Matching Game 

If you and your child are fans of Eric Carle books, this might be the perfect matching game for you! The beautiful illustrations we know from him are on nice cards to play matching or memory with.

Toddler Flash Cards

Learning the name of different objects, numbers, and letters has never been so easy as with these sturdy and big flash cards. You can make your own games with it – match to toy animals, find the object in the house, … There is many options you can incorporate them into play time.

Kids Bowling Friends Play Set

Bowling is a great game that is easy to understand for 2 year olds. This set comes with 6 vibrant colored pins and a ball in a convenient carrying bag. We love the brand for quality kids toys and this one has been a hit with kids for sure. They also offer a lot of Montessori toys.

Animal Wooden Puzzles for Toddlers

Each of these puzzles has 4-6 pieces to match. The colors and shapes are vibrant and simple. This is great for color recognition, thinking, and hand eye coordination.

First Orchard Cooperative Board Game

If you want to introduce board games to your 2 year old, this is the perfect option and one of the best board games for such young kids. It is simple and so fun for little ones. The game teaches about taking turns, rolling a die, as well as following rules.

Toddler Scavenger Hunt Cards at Home

When looking for a family game that gets your young toddler excited, try this scavenger hunt! In our experience this might be the one of the best games for 2 year olds at home. They get a sense of accomplishment when finding what is asked on the card and they might find new things over and over.

Topper Takes A Trip – The Match It and Pack It Game

The suitcase has 5 location cards, 5 packing lists, and 25 packing pieces to match. The pieces are thick and sturdy and the game is great for little ones to learn to match and find. They can also use the travel suitcase to pretend play to travel themselves.

Seek-a-Boo Game

Big cards that can be used for multiple ways to play? You can play a game of finding the matching card or later use it for a game of memory. It’s a great staple to teach two year olds new words.

Toddler Fishing Game

This must be one of our favorite games for 2 year old toddlers. It helps develop fine motor skills and you can use it to play with different game rules. There are letters and numbers on the pieces. The magnetic fishing is so much fun, even you might want to join in.

Easy Score Basketball Set

Who loves a fun basketball game? It’s a fun way to keep your kids active and start playing a cooperative game with their siblings or friends as well. You can adjust the height to use it while your child is growing. It helps develop their gross motor skills while having fun!

Easy Score Soccer Set

Another cooperative game to play with toddlers is soccer! It might also be easier to score in the goal here than in the hoop in basketball. It teaches about winning and losing, keeping scores.

Parents playing games with their two year olds is a great way for the little one to learn rules, help with imagination, improve fine motor and gross motor skills as well as bond over play. We also would recommend open ended toys for creating your own games and rules with your and your kid’s imagination.

In case you’re far away from your kids or grandkids at times, you can look at games to play on facetime with them.

If you’re looking for other activities – here are great books for 2 year olds. Maybe you also want your child to be more active. Then we recommend looking at ball pits for kids or tricycles/gokarts. We think a variety of different activities are great to develop different skills.

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