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6 Best Kids Ball Pits 2023

6 Best Kids Ball Pits 2023

Casey Stevens

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Did you love ball pits as a child? I remember being so excited whenever we went somewhere where they had one. It is a really simple way to keep your children engaged with active play, and have them play by themselves or with siblings or friends. Below we show you the best kids ball pit options on the market. There is something for every family.

Playing in a ball pit is not only fun but helps with motor skills and gives lots of sensory stimulation. I can tell you that your babies or toddlers will love it a lot and they will want to play in it every day.

Finding the best ball pits can be confusing as there are way too many options out there. We always ask our friends, family, and readers to learn more about their experience with products as well.

Best Foam Ball Pit With 200 Balls

This indoor foam ball pit for kids is super cute and a great size. It comes with 200 balls so you already have everything to get started for hours of fun!

What we loved is the machine washable cover. You can choose from different patterns that are all really cute for a playroom. The walls are durable and it seems to me like the best kids ball pit of the ones I’ve found with a great quality.

Best Affordable Ball Pit

You can get this colorful kids ball pit on its own or with balls included. The pop up ball pit is indoor outdoor, is easy to assemble, and can be stored easily, which makes it great if your want to put it away sometimes or bring it outdoors.

It is more flimsy than some other ball pits for example the foam one above but it is still super fun for your kids! With the tall walls you can also fit many balls!

Best Ball Square

If you are looking for a sturdy and space-saving ball pit for toddlers that looks good in any room, this might be perfect for you. The square shape makes it easy to place in a corner if you choose.

You should know that balls will need to be purchased separately. We can confirm that the walls keep their shape very well.

Best Toddler Ball Pit, Tent & Tunnel Set

We wanted to include this 3 in 1 set for families that want not only the baby ball pit fun but integrate it with a play tent and tunnels for extra play opportunities.

As you can imagine this set will need a lot more space than anything else on here. It also gives a lot of room for multiple kids to play as well as even more imaginative play.

Best Professional Quality

This is one of the pricier foam ball pits on the market also because you need to buy balls separately. However, the quality is amazing. You really get what you expect and see. The size is great for little kids to grow with it and play for a long time.

It is really easy to clean, which is great for young kids that like to get things dirty. You can also wash the cover if it is a deeper stain.

This is the home ball pit that is like a professional one in a daycare or store.

Best Ball Pit With Hoop

Want to add more fun but without losing more space? Add a basketball hoop – yay! This pop up ball pit comes in many different colors/patterns and gives a goal for the balls – score in the hoop attached!

It’s a great addition while saving space, and it can be stored away easily.

Things To Consider Before Buying

Always supervise your kids when they play in these home ball kids. They love jumping, climbing, etc. in them.

Ball included or not included

Lots of ball pits for kids have plastic balls not included while others do. Also, sometimes you might want to add more ball pit balls to fill up the ball pit so that could become also more pricy.

Indoor Or Outdoor

Most kid’s ball pits are for indoor use but some might be fine for outdoor use, too. Before buying make sure you know how you want to use it and where.

Space & Style

Depending on where you want to use it in the house, you might have different requirements for size and style. If you want to keep it in the living room, maybe you would prefer one that fits your aesthetic more. If it should be in the playroom you might opt for a multi-colored ball pit.

In terms of size, a pop-up ball pit tent is easily put together and stored away but usually is less sturdy than a foam one.

Make a whole play area out of it if you have the space! You can make a little parkour with the pit and combine it with climbing toys like pikler triangles and/or a nugget couch alternative to create slides and hurdles into the pit.

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