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9 Best Kids Go Karts 2023

9 Best Kids Go Karts 2023

Casey Stevens

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Growing up you may have seen some Go Karts for kids and thought – wow that must be fun! Guess what – they make even more of a variety now with different styles and at different price points. There are ones for all different age groups and you can be sure they are lots and lots of fun for kids of any age! Read on to see the best kids Go Karts for your needs and wants.

It’s an awesome way to do a hobby with your child, you could even get one for yourself and drive around together or tag along on a scooter or bike. If you want your child to be outside more instead of watching TV, for example, this might very well become their new favorite activity.

Usually a go kart for kids will have go kart features like an adjustable seat, hand brakes, etc. but the recommended age, weight, or height may differ.

Best Go Kart Overall

Minimum age: 3

Max rider weight: 81 lbs

Max speed: 8 MPH

So far we’ve been extremely happy with this choice. It is for kids 3-8 years old and it has a speed lock so you can be sure that your little one keeps to a max speed. What we love is the flag, which doesn’t only look great but adds to visibility.

While it is best to use on a paved street or parking lot, it can also be driven on grass or dirt roads. It’s so much fun for kids to drive it! It is pretty loud and heavy but if you’re fine with that and expect it, it is awesome!

Runner Up

Minimum age: 6

Max rider weight: 120 lbs

Max speed: 8 MPH

Our runner-up also features a flag and has parental control, which we love to see! While it has a bit of a different look than the one above, it is extremely fun! Our friend’s kids have two of them and they love it. If you fall under the weight limit, you can also use it and test it out, drift and have fun.

Best Affordable Go Kart

Minimum age: 3

Max rider weight: 66 lbs

Max speed: Pedal operated

A Pedal Go Kart is a great option to consider. It is still super fun and even gives your toddler exercise. Here you also don’t have to worry about a battery and can use it for hours and hours on end.

It is a really good price for a GoKart, and it looks awesome. There is literally no minimum speed so if your child is a bit scared of electric, fast rides, this might be the ride for them.

Best Pedal Go Kart

Minimum age: 4

Max rider weight: 120 lbs

Max speed: Pedal powered

This pedal powered Go Kart is can be used for a longer time with its higher weight limit. The seat has a backrest and the seat is adjustable. Overall it makes a durable impression.

It is great if your child loves being active and outside. Instead of a bike trip, maybe next up is a GoKart trip?

Best High End Go Kart – Segway Conversion

Rider’s height: 4′ 5″ to 6′ 3″ 

Max rider weight: 220 lbs

Max speed: 23 MPH

Ok, this one is one of the most expensive options out there for sure. If you have a Segway Ninebot S, you can transform it with this GoKart Kit into a powerful and fun GoKart for everyone.

If you’re a parent that wants to get something for you and your kids both, this does the job beautifully and could be one of the best go karts for you. There are 3 driving modes for different ages/expertises. Unlike other go karts for kids, this go kart goes up to 23 miles per hour at top speed.

While it is definitely a splurge, you can bet every single one in your family will try it and have fun.

Best Younger Children Pedal Go Kart

Minimum age: 2

Max speed: pedal powered

For young toddlers, this is the perfect first GoKart with a recommended age 2-5. The pedal kart is very sturdy for a little riding toy. It provides a smooth ride. A kids go kart is a nice alternative to tricycles with its 4 wheels.

Ergonomic Adjustable Seat Go Kart

Minimum age: 4

Max riders weight: 110 lbs

Max speed: pedal powered

The Hauck Lightning pedal Go Kart has some of the best reviews online with its easy assembly, steel frame, rubber tires, and three point steering wheel.

It really has all you need to let your kids out and enjoy driving around.

Hauck Batmobile Pedal Go Kart

Minimum age: 4

Max riders weight: 120 lbs

Max speed: pedal operated

How can your superhero-loving child not love this!? The kart is great as a gift for a special occasion. It is perfect, perfect, perfect for all batman fans out there.

It has an adjustable bucket seat, race style pedals, and a hand brake.

Your child will feel so cool behind the wheel!

Berg Buddy Pedal Go Kart

Minimum age: 3

Max speed: pedal operated

Looking for brand inspired go karts? Here you can find a BMW or Jeep go kart for your kids. It might make go kart racing even more fun.

Using the pedals on this go kart your child can drive forward and reverse.

Things To Consider

Safety First

Don’t forget a helmet! Similar to a bike or other wheels, it’s always best to wear a helmet, possibly even add elbow and knee pads in case of any falls. Also, look for safety features such as a seat belt or visibility flag.

Electric or Pedal

It depends on your preferences but pedal go karts tend to be cheaper and you never have to worry about the battery being charged.

Speed limit

If you opt for an electric go kart, you might want to see what the options are to keep the speed at a certain miles per hour limit based on how old your child is and what the top speed is.


No matter what, you will want to make sure your kids know the rules when driving. Are they allowed to drive on the street? In the backyard only? Depending on their age they might know traffic rules well already but make sure they listen. GoKarts are usually fairly low so cars can have trouble seeing them in front of them.

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