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Best Montessori Floor Beds

Best Montessori Floor Beds

Leah Diana

If you’re a parent that likes the Montessori approach to education and child development or you’re just curious because you’ve heard the term floor bed recently, we will explain some of the benefits that it comes with. Montessori floor beds in comparison to a typical child’s bed, sit low to the ground, allowing children to easily get in and out of bed on their own. This independence can be especially beneficial for young children, as it helps them develop a sense of autonomy and self-sufficiency.


Better sleep

When children are able to get in and out of their toddler bed on their own, they learn to take responsibility for their own sleep and rest. This can actually lead to better sleep habits and might even a more positive attitude towards bedtime. Additionally, children who have the freedom to get in and out of bed on their own are more likely to stay in bed and sleep through the night, which is great for kids and parents.

Freedom and curiosity

Another benefit of Montessori beds is that they promote a sense of freedom and autonomy in children. When your children are able to move around freely in their room, they are better able to explore and discover their environment. This can help to foster a sense of curiosity and creativity in the space they know and might also encourage more creative play with their existing toys in the room.


Since this kind of toddler floor bed is lower to the ground, it is also safer than other toddler beds with less height in case of rolling out. You can of course choose one with rails to ensure safety even more. For many parents, this is an additional big benefit to ease the transition to a floor bed.

What to consider before buying a Montessori floor bed?

Child-proofing the room

The whole purpose is that your child is freely able to get in and out of bed, so this also means they will have access to anything in your child’s room at any time. You need to make sure everything is childproof and there are no small choking hazards laying around for smaller kids or anything that can fall on them. Cover outlets, hang short curtains, add a baby gate, add a baby monitor, and move small or distracting things out of your child’s reach.

Materials and construction

Ideally, the bed should be made of solid wood or another sturdy material that will last for many years. If you follow the Montessori method you’re probably aware that wooden toys and furniture are loved. Additionally, the bed should be designed with safety in mind, with rounded edges and no sharp corners. You can also get rounded tops for corners.


For young children, it is generally recommended to use railings on a Montessori floor bed to prevent falls. This can provide an added level of safety and peace of mind for you, especially if you have a child who is just learning to climb in and out of bed on their own. Some Montessori floor beds come with built-in railings, while others can be purchased separately.

As children grow and become more confident and independent, they may no longer need railings on their Montessori floor bed. Parents may choose to remove the railings and let the child to sleep without them.


For a young child up to age 2, a smaller bed is bed suited as they usually still sleep in a crib with a firm crib mattress. In this instance, you also will prefer a railing for safety. You don’t have to transition at that age to a floor bed. It really depends on you and your child and what both of you are comfortable with.

Our Top Picks

Sprout Montessori Birch Floor Bed


This might be the best Montessori bed out there. What really makes it worth it is that you can even flip the bed frame upside down and use it as a raised bed. This means you really can use it for such a long time! Choose between twin size, full size, or crib size as well as if you want one low side or two. Sprout Kids makes lots of Montessori furniture and they have really great and sturdy quality you can rely on.

Harriet Bee Solid Wood Bed


This is a great option! With this bed you get rails to sleep knowing there is extra protection from falling or rolling out of the bed. It is very durable and the house style frame has a cute roof structure. You can make it really cozy for your little one. It’s also very low to the ground making it easy to get in and out to explore freely.

Harper & Bright Designs Twin House Bed

This cute floor bed is perfect for a twin size mattress. The roof portion adds a nice touch and gives opportunities to decorate it nicely with lights or to make a fort during the day to play! It’s very cute and comes in one box for easy unpacking. They have different colors and styles to choose from.

If you’re looking for more furniture that nurtures independence, a weaning table and chair give kids their own space to eat, draw, and do activities. And there are also high chairs that let kids sit with you at the same table and eat by themselves.

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