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Outdoor Toys For 1 Year Olds

Outdoor Toys For 1 Year Olds

Casey Stevens

Outdoor time and fresh air is good for everyone, right? It is great for kids to have some outdoor playtime, especially in spring and summer. Days are longer and there is lots to explore outside in nature. We have some fun outdoor toys for 1 year olds that are perfect to use in the garden or park to keep little ones entertained and happy.

Splash Pad Sprinkler

This cute and fun sprinkler is the perfect summer toy for your backyard. Water toys keeps children cool on a hot day and is a lot of fun for all ages. The ABC with animals is a nice addition to learn. For us, this was one of the best buys for young kids.

Reusable Water Balloons

We love a fun water balloon fight in the summer! Even one year olds can participate and will have lots of fun, I promise you. These are the perfect alternative to traditional balloons and make great outdoor toys. There is no trash and are super easy to be refilled even by kids. It is a fun way to play with the whole family while practicing their gross motor skills.

Set of 5 Foam Sports Balls

With this set you can introduce your toddler ages 1-3 to a variety of popular sports. The foam material makes it very safe and easy for little hands to hold, carry and throw. It is a favorite among kids and parents alike since there are so many play options and they provide hours of fun.

Lawn Mower Bubble Machine

Little kids LOVE bubbles! If you are looking for the ultimate outdoor toy for small children, this must be it. It is a hit every time and this set comes with so many extras that it really is a great deal! All kids we know that have a bubble machine say it is one of their favorite toys. It is especially great for outside play during birthday parties.

Shapes & Sharing Picnic Basket

The best kids picnic basket for both indoors but especially outdoor play? It is a great birthday gift for a 1 year old and can be used in your backyard, living room or park. If you like picnics yourself, this is awesome to have your child pack “their picnic basket” to play while you take care of the real food and drinks.

Baby Walker Balance Bike

This is a great ride on toy bike for a one year old and older children, too. It looks really cute and is available in a couple of really pretty colors! This balance bike is the perfect size for little ones who are starting to learn to walk. You can use it both indoor and outdoor.

Indoor Outdoor Ride On Toy Trike

Dinosaur toys are always a big hit with kids and this is not a classic trike but for littles. A toddler trike for ages 1 plus is great to help with gross motor skill development.

Wooden Pirate Sandbox with Canopy

This sandbox is a little different in the pirate ship shape. It is one of the best outdoor toys but bigger so you need to see if you have the outdoor space for it. Why we like this to other more traditional sandboxes? It gives children the opportunity to use their imagination to pretend play pirates and also adds more fun to your backyard. The seating space is also great for parents or kids while the kids enjoy playing in the sand.

3-in-1 Sand & Water Activity Table

We simply adore this outdoor sensory table! It is perfect for warm days outside and you can use the bins for sand, water, or create another fun sensory experience. The sand table/water table has an umbrella to give shade and can be converted into a picnic table. Activities like this encourage fine motor skills and imaginative play. One year olds but also bigger kids will love it for several years.

Sidewalk Chalk

One of the classic outside toys is chalk paint which is so easy for toddlers to use. Even just a little space of pavement can provide a massive canvas for your 1 year old. These non toxic chalk sticks come in a set of 20.

Unicorn or Turtle Trampoline

At age 1 year or older your child can likely jump already on this cute little trampoline. Our little one started using it at 15 months and loved it. Obviously there always should be supervision but it is so much fun! With trampolines your kids can get all their energy out and you can encourage physical activity!

Sand Toys Set with Mesh Bag

If you have or are getting a sandbox for outdoor play, you don’t want to miss this set. It comes with a water wheel, sandbox vehicle, a bunch of different sand molds, a bucket, sand shovels. It is great to be encouraging creativity in young kids with outdoor toys for toddlers like these sand toys.

Infant To Toddler Swing

When you want more time outdoors with your child, we can recommend a swing. This is one of our favorites with a seat belt. We also have a few other baby swings we love.

Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set

This basketball hoop adjusts to six heights from 2.5 to 4 feet. It is a great outdoor toy for hours of fun game time but also helps with skills like hand eye coordination.

3 Piece Rocket Ship Kids Play Set

This set is a great outdoor toy for your 1 year old if you have a big space. It includes a play tent, a crawl tunnel, and a ball pit with a hoop for balls. There is so much room for creative play. You can also use the parts independently and they can be stored away. You will need a ball set separately from this set.

These are our favorite toys for outdoor but of course, there are other outdoor toys that also provide lots of fun. If you’re looking for more fun outdoor activities, you can also think of indoor toys and activities that can be brought outside. Being outside and in nature can really help with your child’s development in many areas.

Water play on a sensory table or on splash pads can be done with a bath toy or beach toy, too. Looking at what you already have at home is always a great place to start because there are usually different ways you can incorporate it somewhere else.

You can encourage sensory exploration outside by looking for and collecting different types of leaves, rocks, etc.

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