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Lovevery Play Gym Review 2023

Lovevery Play Gym Review 2023

Leah Diana

I saw Lovevery play kits and the play gym on an Instagram post mentioned and wanted to look into it because it looked cute and is supposed to help development in the early stages of a newborn baby. It is designed by child development experts, which is awesome. We wanted to do tummy time on a mat but didn’t quite know what else to get for it. That’s where this play gym shines, as it has so many activities for different ages. I am writing this Lovevery Play Gym review to give you an overview on how it holds up and if it is worth it.

We were considering getting a different, cheaper play gym but in the end, decided to go with this one as it has a brand behind it we had seen before and also had other high recommendations from a few people we know.

What Does The Play Gym Come With?

  • Play Mat
  • Wooden Stand
  • 3 Removable Accessories
  • 4 interchangeable learning cards
  • Play Space Cover
  • Play Guide

– The Play Mat

This play mat comes with five development zones that are Montessori-inspired on it. You can have the mat zones open or fold the zones closed so that your baby can concentrate on one zone at a time. While the concept is great, some of the flaps had a harder time staying down than others.

It is a spacious play gym by Lovevery, so if you have multiple children, they can play together. The downside to this would only be that it does take up a good amount of space. Depending on how much space you’re working with, a smaller play mat could be beneficial. It is easy to store away though, if you want to keep it out of the living room for example when guests are over. However, style wise it really is not much of a distraction since the colors are more muted than some other play gyms out there.

– Removable Accessories

This play gym already comes with a 3 removable accessories:

  • an organic cotton high contrast ball
  • an organic cotton teether
  • a sustainable wood batting toy

This is great to not have too much overstimulation at once, too. Only have what you’re using up on the stand.

– Interchangeable Learning Cards

  • Black and White
  • Faces
  • Objects
  • Mirror

These cards are super fun for your baby and easy to add. The mirror is perfect to use while the baby is learning to roll over and train neck muscles. Your baby will love seeing themselves. Ours was super curious!

– Play Space Cover

This lovevery gym says it grows with your child and creating a play fort with the play space cover makes for great imaginative play. What toddler doesn’t love forts? And older babies, too. Not to forget that this one is super easy and quick to make.


We absolutely love the quality and design of this play gym by Lovevery! It is a big part of why we recommend it. It is machine washable, which of course is a must for tummy time with a baby. The fabric seems very durable to last you if you might have more babies in the future.

The black and white cards are not super thick but held up well for us. I think it depends if you just use them for your baby to look at them mostly or if you lay them down for the baby to grab, touch, and drool on them.

Is it worth it?

In my opinion, it was totally worth the price. I couldn’t be happier with this purchase. The play gym came with everything I needed, which was nice. I think I will get more use out of it still and I love all the little activities it offers. It is not just a baby play mat but really a “gym”, which I think fits perfectly since it has something for all the baby’s learning stages and therefore can grow with the baby. Since it is very durable, there is also a good chance you might gift or sell it to someone else after your baby has outgrown it. It’s a pretty popular baby play gym, so I am sure people will happily take it over. You could also put in on a baby registry!

Lovevery Play Kits

If you’re interested in Lovevery’s other products, they have wonderful play kits that are also Montessori-inspired and developed by their child development specialists, perfect for age-appropriate activities. Read our review here.

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