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Lovevery Play Kits Review – Worth It?

Lovevery Play Kits Review – Worth It?

Leah Diana

I’ve always liked the Montessori approach to parenting (actually even went to a Montessori kindergarten myself!) and we like to implement Montessori inspired toys and activities at home. As a parent, you know there are so many toy options for all kinds of skills and age groups and sometimes it can definitely feel a bit overwhelming looking at all these options and wanting to make a decision and know what is best for your littles at this point in time. Cue in Lovevery’s Play Kits! As a new mom, I was so excited when I discovered them and can speak highly about their products! In this review I want to show you why we love them and have been subscribed but also talk about the pros and cons.

What is Lovevery?

So a bit about the company: Lovevery is a company that offers a Montessori inspired subscription of play kits for babies and toddlers, designed to promote healthy development and learning. Their play kits are curated based on extensive research and are tailored to different developmental stages, from birth up to 36 months.

The play kits are designed with the philosophy that children learn best through open-ended play, exploration, and discovery. The play kits are made from high-quality, sustainable materials that are safe for babies and toddlers to play with. Each kit includes a variety of toys, activities, and resources that are developmentally appropriate for the specific age range, and are aimed at promoting various skills such as sensory exploration, fine and gross motor skills, problem-solving, and language development.

Lovevery offers a subscription-based model, where you can choose to receive play kits every two to three months, depending on your child’s age. The subscription can be customized based on the child’s developmental stage and interests, and can be cancelled or paused at any time. Lovevery also offers additional products like the Lovevery Play Gym or Blocks that can purchased separately.

My experience with the Play Kits

Spoiler! I absolutely love our Lovevery Kits! All the toys are really well made, developmentally appropriate, and engaging for my child. We started using them when my child was 4 months old, and now at 14 months, we still use and cycle toys from previous play kits.

What I loved most was really that it took out the guess work as to what is age appropriate for your child. While we chose to use the Lovevery play kit subscription, you can also get individual Lovevery play kits separately! For us, we really liked the convenience of getting new toys that are of high quality and perfect for our baby’s age without having to go out and get new ones. With these kits you’re really set when it comes to toys! Did we get other great toys in addition to the kits? Yes – but mostly gifted from friends and family and we kept reusing the toys from before, so we really have more than enough toys at the moment.

The toys are curated really great in my opinion. My little one was able to play and enjoyed playing with the toys in the kits and always finds new ways to play with them as well! The very open ended play Lovevery toys provide lets kids explore the toys and ways to play with them. It’s great for their creativity and independent play, too! Were there some kits that were not a big hit with our child? Yes, but overall it still provided a new set of options and just because they don’t like a particular toy right then and there doesn’t mean they won’t come back to it later and enjoy it.

Seriously, my toddler is so excited when the new Lovevery box arrives and we get new toys! And for me and my husband, the play guide that comes with it is great for us to learn, too!

I will say, I initially saw some people online mention that they didn’t receive their play kit or it took way too long. We haven’t experienced this so I can’t speak to it but just wanted to mention it.

The biggest thing that a lot of us are probably wondering when we see Lovevery and consider getting it is the price.

Lovevery play kits cost

The subscription cost depends on your child’s age. If you pay for each play kit and not prepay the cost for baby play kits (under 12 months) is $80, while for toddlers age 1-4 the toddler play kits cost $120. If you choose to prepay multiple kits in advance, you save money per kit.

By the way, you can add Lovevery’s kits or other products to your baby registry or gift it to someone!

Are Lovevery Play Kits worth it?

Overall, I think for us it was well worth it and I am very happy with our Lovevery subscription so far. It is pricey but for the quality of Lovevery Montessori toys, the variety, and the convenience of developmentally appropriate toys every few months, it is great! I think especially for busy parents this is so beneficial if you don’t have the time to do all the research for the best educational toys for each stage. And even when trying to find comparable high quality toys, it takes more time, and often is more expensive!

Also, if you have two children or more, these toys are such great quality they can be reused 100%. You can also sell them and yes, you can also look to buy them used. In that case it won’t be a subscription box but hey you get it cheaper!

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