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Feelings Chart For Kids – Emotion Faces Chart

Feelings Chart For Kids – Emotion Faces Chart

Leah Diana

Learning emotions is an essential step for kids. It is important to understand others’ emotions and their own. A feelings chart can help kids learn to identify emotions. They can point to the face and show you how they are feeling in this situation or on this day. Talking about feelings and emotions from a young age can also help normalize and validate that they can feel all different kinds of feelings and that it is ok, that feelings can change.

There are posters you can buy or you can download some free printable feelings charts and print them yourself.

This unframed kids feelings chart print shows 16 emotions as illustrations. Very cute poster to hang in your kid’s room, playroom or classroom.

This poster set includes different emotions, too. You get a bundle which is nice. The feelings are expressed in an emoji style. Other posters here talk about how you can deal with negative motions.

This flip book shows emotions and what kids can do to cope with those emotions. It is not a poster but also very practical to flip through and learn about each feeling.

With an emotions chart accessible to kids, you can talk about their positive feelings and negative feelings in a safe space and develop emotional intelligence.

If you want to teach children how to navigate big emotions, the first step is identifying the emotion. In addition, it is helpful to validate their feelings but also to show coping tools to be able to change their mood for the better and work through negative emotions.

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