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Best Nursery Shelves For Books

Best Nursery Shelves For Books

Casey Stevens

There are a few things that shouldn’t be missing in a nursery. Books to read are a must have to encourage reading, bond and spend quality time with while also exposing your baby to sounds of language and images. You also don’t want to have books just laying around on a dresser in your baby’s room, so nursery bookshelves are the perfect solution.

You can go for neutral looking nursery bookshelves or if you have a theme for your baby’s room, this is a great way to incorporate a unique touch.

Set of 3 White Nursery Room Shelves

We love the neutral and sleek look of these nursery bookshelves. They are sturdy wood and have a nice thick bar to keep books or decor in place. It is an easy set up and can grow with your child.

Acrylic Invisible Kids Floating Bookshelf

Acrylic shelves make great nursery bookshelves if you’re looking for something that takes up very little space and looks like there almost isn’t even a shelf. If you’re getting a set you can also add some in another room. I also like to use these for my own skin care but can really hold so many different items.

3 Tiers Children’s Bookcase

If you want a cute nursery bookshelf for standing on the floor, this one is a great deal, sturdy, and easy to assemble! It is also a great idea for when your baby grows and can show you which book they want to read. They also have a taller but less wide option with 4 shelves.

Kids Book Rack

Choose from a lion, llama, sloth, dragon, elephant, and more. This is great for book lovers with many books and also big books for kids. You can make it match your theme and color scheme perfectly while still being cute and practical.

Cloud Wooden Kidcraft Bookcase

This is one of the cutest yet neutral nursery bookcases. It is so adorable with the little detail print of a bird and the nice rounded cloud top. With the hooks and height it is perfect to have in your nursery and keep it there as your baby grows into a toddler.

Acrylic House-Shaped Floating Shelf

This acrylic bookcase is great for the storage of books or toys. It looks super cute for a nursery or playroom while giving the illusion of more space. It let’s you showcase the whole book collection.

Rotating Wooden Bookshelf 360 Display

If you’re looking for something rather unique, this is awesome! It for sure is one of the more special nursery bookcases out there. I can see it fit with a theme of a castle, like Harry Potter or a princess. You could also use it later on as a playhouse for dolls!

70 inch Tall Corner Shelf

Corner shelves are great for smaller spaces or just to keep things out of the way more. You can have a reading chair next to it for easy access. It is great to use for book storage but of course you can easily put toys or decor to make it your own.

When considering the nursery bookcases or shelves for books in your kid’s room, a big factor of course is the size and the square footage you’re working with. Wall-mount shelves or bookcases for the corner are usually the most space efficient. You can fill your new shelves with fun books for babies under 1, books for one or two year olds. There are also lots of other things that can make a nursery very practical like a mini fridge for breast milk and a no wifi baby monitor as well as Montessori toy shelves.

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