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Best Toddler Floaties

Best Toddler Floaties

Casey Stevens

Are you planning a vacation soon with your family? Then you are probably excited to take our little ones to the pool or beach for some fun in the sun. However, when it comes to water safety, we know that supervision is key. Many parents choose to bring things for added safety like toddler floaties while kids still practice their swim skills. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the different types of kids floaties available, their benefits and potential drawbacks, and some tips for selecting the right one for your child. So grab a cold drink, and let’s dive in!

Swim floaties for toddlers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from arm floaties to swim vests, life jackets and full-body suits. All of them help keep your child afloat in the water, reducing the risk of accidental submersion. However, it’s important to note that even the best swim floaties for toddlers are not a substitute for adult supervision, and should always be used in combination with other water safety measures, such as teaching your child how to swim and staying within arm’s reach at all times.

Chriffer Kids Swim Vest Life Jacket for 22-66 Pounds

This toddler life jacket with arm bands is perfect for kids aged 2-7 years old. It has a U-shaped design that fits the body for a more comfortable experience and is made of woven polyester and soft nylon fabrics. A great feature of this swim vest is the double childproof buckle straps that give beginners more confidence. It’s great to know that your little one can swim freely in the water while still being safe and secure with the life jacket. They have a bunch of cute designs and colors to choose from.

LAYCOL Inflatable Baby Pool Floats Ring with Canopy

One of the features I love about this float is the removable UPF50+ sun protection canopy that protects your baby’s skin from the sun. It’s also made of durable, leak-proof PVC material that is 100% safe and non-toxic, meeting the highest international safety standards for toys. It’s made for babies and younger toddlers 3-36 months old.

It has a double-layered air chamber, raised front, widened sides, shoulder strap, abdomen support, and bottom crotch to keep your baby in place and avoid forward overturning, flip over, or sliding out. But that’s not all – this float also supports breaststroke and backstroke with different buckle methods, making it more interesting for your little one.

Free Swimming Baby Inflatable Baby Pool Float Ring

This pool float is not only adorable but also provides an ideal swimming posture for babies, giving them the freedom to kick their legs with excitement as you cool off in the pool together. It’s recommended for ages 3-12 months old and weight 11-24 lbs (size S), or ages 8-48 months old and weight 18-40 lbs (size L). It’s easy to inflate and deflate, making it great for pack-and-go portability and storage.

Baby Pool Float Unicorn 

This adorable inflatable swimming ring with handles is specially designed for kids aged 1-6 years. This unicorn float has a rollover prevention design. It has two airbags on each side of the swimming ring, which help improve balance and keep the float stable, even when your little one moves up and down. The float also comes with a safety string, which prevents it from floating away and out of your sight.

Animal Head Split Ring Pool Floats Bundle 3 Pack

This 3-pack bundle of animal head split ring pool floats from Intex seems like a great addition to any family’s pool or beach gear! The bundle includes a duck, penguin, and flamingo float. They are suitable for ages 3-6 years old. The floats hold up well and provided lots of fun for the family at the beach or lake!

Puoyis Toddler Kids Swim Life Vest

This super cute swim vest with arm bands is great for 2-6 years old kids. It has an adjustable chest strap and double-security buckle provide a comfortable fit, while the safety shoulder harness prevents children from removing the swim vest without your help and keeps the swim vest from sliding off during use. This swim life vest is perfect for swimming training in the pool, lake, beach!

10Leccion Toddlers Pool Floats with Water Gun

This super fun pirate boat shaped float is perfect for toddlers who love to play in the water. The best part is that this pool float comes with a built-in water gun, which means your little ones will have endless fun. It’s recommended for older toddlers ages 3-8. This is pretty cool for summer pool activities, and your kids will have a blast playing with it.

One of the biggest benefits of swim floaties for toddlers is that they can provide a sense of security for both you and your child. Knowing that your child has an added layer of protection can help you relax and enjoy your time together in the water. Toddler swim floaties can also help your child build confidence and learn to move around in the water more independently.

However, it’s important to be aware of some potential drawbacks of using toddler swim floaties. Swimming floats or a swim aid can give children a false sense of security, leading them to believe that they can swim without any assistance. They can also limit a child’s mobility in the water, which can hinder their ability to learn proper swimming techniques. Additionally, some toddler swim floaties can be uncomfortable or even restrictive, which can make your child less inclined to wear them.

When it comes to selecting the right toddler floatie for your child, there are a few key things to consider. First and foremost, choose a floatie that is appropriate for your child’s age and size. Make sure that it fits snugly but comfortably, and that it doesn’t restrict your child’s movements. Look for toddler swim floaties that are made from high-quality materials and have safety features such as adjustable straps and buckles. And, as always, be sure to supervise your child closely when they’re wearing their toddler swim floaties.

Different types of toddler swim floaties

Arm Floaties
Arm floaties or arm bands are the most common type of kids floaties and are designed to be worn on the upper arms. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are usually made of durable, non-toxic materials. With arm floaties, your toddler can learn to swim while not being very restrictive at all.

Swim Vests
A swim vest is similar to life jacket, but they are designed specifically for swimming and water play. A swim vest is made of buoyant materials and provides additional support and stability for toddlers who are still learning to swim.

Ring Floaties
Ring floaties are swimming floats that are typically round-shaped and fit around the child’s waist. They provide support and stability for the child in the water. They often come in super fun and playful designs for extra fun while kids swim and have fun.

Swim Trainers
Swim trainers are floaties for kids designed to help children learn how to swim and might be used during swimming lessons. It’s a swimming aid that usually comes with an adjustable strap and removable foam inserts to provide different levels of buoyancy.

Full-body Floaties
Full-body floaties are designed to provide support for the entire body. They are typically made of soft, comfortable materials and may include a headrest or other features for added comfort. They might have arm floaties or a ring attached to it.

Overall, kids floaties can be a great tool for keeping your child safe in the water. However, they should never be used as a substitute for adult supervision, and it’s important to be aware of their potential drawbacks. By selecting the right toddler swim floaties for your child and using it in combination with other water safety measures, you can help ensure that your family enjoys a safe and fun-filled summer in the water. It is also best to find a swim school or swim instructor to help teach your child how to swim at an early age!

Once you have toddler swim floaties like arm floaties or a life jacket, maybe you’re looking for some extra fun on vacation? Maybe get a kids snorkel set to see underwater life. Don’t forget to wash off water and sand with kids shampoo. We wish you a wonderful and fun vacation!

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