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9 Best Baby Bath Tub 2023 Top Picks

9 Best Baby Bath Tub 2023 Top Picks

Casey Stevens

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When it comes to bathing your baby, you want to make sure you have the best possible option for keeping them clean and comfortable. That’s why you should consider a baby bath tub! These tubs are designed specifically for infants and come in a variety of sizes, styles and prices. So what’s the best baby bath tub for you? Keep reading for our top picks!

There are different types of baby bathtubs. Some baby bath tubs you use in the kitchen or bathroom sink, some you place in the bathroom tub, and others are freestanding. Lots also have the option to be used in two or all three ways. It really depends on your preference and what will work best in your home. If you have a small bathroom, you may want to opt for a sink-based tub so you can still have access to the rest of the bathroom for bathing other children or cleaning up after yourself. But if you have a larger bathroom, a freestanding tub may be a better option so your little one has more space to play.

Best Baby Bathtubs For Adult Bathtubs

Angelcare Baby Bath Support

This is one of the best baby bathtubs and has an ergonomic design for baby’s comfort and safety with a mesh material, which allows the water to drain and dry easy and quick.

It fits inside a regular bathtub and sinks larger than 23 x 14 inches.

It is great for newborns ages 0 to 6 months. There is a loop so you can hang it up for convenient storage space when not in use.

Summer Deluxe Baby Bather

This bather has a 3 position recline for comfortable bathing. It can be used in the sink and bathtub but make sure of the sizing to see if it will fit in the sink.

For storing it, it folds flat. It fits in small spaces and can be used for traveling.

The mesh sling for newborns is machine washable and holds your baby safe and secure.

The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn to Toddler Tub

From newborn to toddler with this bathtub. It comes with a hammock like sling to hold a baby giving support and hold. It can be used for toddlers as well without the newborn sling later. While it will be perfect for in the bathtub, you can also use it freestanding.

The sling is machine washable and dryable making it easy to clean. The anti-slip pads are mold and mildew resistant.

Best Baby Bathtubs For Sinks

Blooming Bath Lotus Baby Bath Seat

Want a super soft and comfy bath tub for the sink? With this your baby can sit in it, lean up against the petals. The material is super soft and fits most sinks to hold and protect your baby.

The fabric is washer & dryer safe, you need to make sure to try to get all the water out that you can.

It is recommended for infants & babies up to 6 months old. After it can be used as a pillow, play mat, or similar.

Summer Clean Rinse Baby Bather

This is a really cool bather that can be used on the counter next to the kitchen sink. It will drain into the sink without leaking all over the counter. It can also fit directly in the bath or kitchen sink & also in the tub. So many options! You can recline it which is also very nice!

It is made of hard plastic that some parents have expressed would like padding or different material to be softer.

Puj Flyte Compact Infant Bathtub

If you need a good baby bathtub to easily travel with, this sink insert is great! It fits standard kitchen sinks, is foldable and compact to take with you on any journey.

The Puj tub is also easy to store because of the soft foldable baby tub design as well as easy to clean. The simple bath tub is great for the newborn stage, keeping them comfy and safe in the sink.

Best Freestanding Baby Bathtubs

4-in-1 Grow-with-Me Bath Tub by Frida Baby

The best baby bathtub that will grow with your baby from newborn to toddler stage. The sling can be adjusted depending on how old your baby is and what kind of bath position is needed.

If you want you can use a towel to rest head more comfortably. The non slip feet are obviously a must and the tub also has a drying hook for hanging as well as drain plug.

Mommy’s Helper Inflatable Baby Bathtub

This baby bathtub is a fun and great option for babies 6 to 24 months old. It is great for travel since you can inflate and deflate it anywhere and can stand alone.

There is a saddle horn to keep your slippery baby from slipping and sliding and it is not hard. You can also use The inflatable tub out on the balcony later during the summer to play.

Munchkin Sit and Soak Baby Bathtub

With this baby tub you can keep baby warm during bath time since it is fairly deep without having to constantly keep pouring warm water again.

There is a bump in thee bottom to keep your baby from sliding, and a backrest to hold your baby.

Some baby bath tubs can be used for a longer time frame than others. If you are looking for a tub that can grow with your child, look for one with a higher weight limit or that has adjustable height and angles. This will give you more use out of the tub and can save you money in the long run.

When it comes to choosing the best baby bathtub for you and your baby, there are several factors you’ll want to keep in mind.


Consider the size of your infant and choose a tub accordingly. If you have a larger infant, you may want to opt for a large tub so they can move around and play during bath time. Babies and older babies can use the same infant tub if it is convertible.


You’ll also want to think about how easy the tub is to clean – some models come with built-in drainage systems or special materials that help prevent mold and mildew growth. If you have a tub with fabric that needs to be washed, look if you can machine wash and dry it to make life easier for you.


And finally, consider your budget – there are a variety of tubs available at different price points, so find one that fits your needs and budget. You can also consider if you pay a higher price for one that should serve for a longer time, it might be more worth it.

Age & Weight Limit

Some baby bathtubs are only meant for infants and if you want one that you can use for longer or where the bath seat can be converted as a toddler tub, you need to consider this beforehand. Usually the age range is listed so make sure to check before buying.


No matter what bath tub option you choose for your baby, you should always stay next to them when you bathe your baby and make sure everything is working and holding up as it is supposed to. Especially when using freestanding bath seats you need to make sure that it doesn’t fall over.

We also want non slip surface and feet and also in the bathtub itself should be bumpers or similar to prevent sliding.


For some babies, some baby tubs might not be comfortable but others wouldn’t mind it. If you realize your little one is uncomfortable, try making it softer with a towel or bath pillow. Also, when unpacking initially make sure to inspect the item you chose and see if there are any parts sticking out or broken. We don’t want baby to get scratched or get hurt.

Sink or tub?

When you have a newborn baby, you’ll have to really hold them and especially the baby’s head, which is why a reclined position is preferred. It can hurt your back after a while when leaning over your regular tub. So having a tub for the bathroom sink can be better for you and your back. Especially right after giving birth. Older babies, when they are able to sit upright by themselves can play around with the water while in the normal tub.

You can also use a baby bathtub that can go in the normal tub and leave plenty of room for you to sit on one side of the tub with them. This can help prevent more back pain and is also easy and fun. The downside here is also that it can get cold if water is not running/covering you both.

When thinking of giving a bath and cleaning baby, you might also want to check out our top picks for kids shampoos.

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