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14 Best Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Toddlers 2022

14 Best Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Toddlers 2022

Leah Diana

Christmas is around the corner and your kids are getting excited! While you may already have ideas for Christmas presents under the tree, maybe you’re still on the lookout for some fun stocking stuffer ideas for toddlers. While there are some go to items like fruits and candy that parents put in the stockings year after year, you can also add some small gifts and items that are nice little gifts for your little one. We have a few of our favorite ideas for kids Christmas stockings so you have an easier time Christmas shopping.

Farmer’s Market Color Sorting Set

These sorting sets are great for open ended play. You can use them for one or spread them across multiple stockings if you have multiple toddlers. They are great for learning while having fun!

Basketball Hoop & Balls Playset

While the intended use here is as a bath toy for the bathtub, you could also attach the hoop to a mirror or window to let your children play before bath time. Bath toys will be great Christmas stocking stuffer for sure, young kids love it!


Everyone loves play-doh! With different kinds, these make for the perfect toddler stocking stuffers this holiday season, especially if there are multiple kids! It truly is for everyone and can be used to create so many different things! Let imagination go wild.

Magic Rainbow Scratch Paper Set

Super cute for little artistic children who love to draw! The stencils the set comes with make it easy for your child to make outlines and also practice fine motor skills. The rainbow scratch paper make it so much more special.

Make-a-face Sticker Sheets

These sticker sheets are perfect stocking stuffers for toddlers to keep them busy during Christmas Eve and Day. They can create the faces they want, they could also mix and match.

Kids Cooking Sets

What is Christmas time without baking some Christmas cookies? It’s such a popular activity and lots of fun for kids. Get your child an apron, chef’s hat, and all the things they need to help make yummy cookies for the holidays.

Wooden Cookie Play Food Set

Along with real cookies, play food cookies are also great for open-ended play! They can play pretend that they made the cookies if helping in the kitchen is usually too messy and they want to bake every day!

Head Massager

This was a favorite from the toddler stocking stuffer ideas last year for adults, small and big kids alike! If you’ve ever tried one of these head massagers, you will know they feel really nice and relaxing. Your toddler will love it too and maybe also give you a nice head massage!

Glow In The Dark Stars 

Looking for a big hit among toddler stocking stuffers? Adding stars that glow in the dark to the ceiling of their kid’s or playroom will make them so excited! It is super fun to chose what star or planet goes where, and turn off the lights to see them!

Paint & Decorate Your Own Wooden Magnets Kit

For all the crafty toddlers out there, this is a great idea for an activity to let your imagination run wild and create your own unique wooden magnet. With this unique stocking stuffer for toddlers you’ll win over your kids and keep them busy during holiday chats.

Decorate-Your-Own Wooden Cars Kit

Similarly, your child can decorate a Race Car and Monster Truck. This way they have their own style and color o cars in their collection and it is also great fun!

Dino Egg Bath Bombs

This is one of the best stocking stuffers if your toddlers love to have toys in the bath! We all know a bath bomb can add way more to a bath but having a dinosaur appear as a surprise?

Mini Twistable Crayons

Kids’ art supplies are great ideas to fill your toddler’s stocking for Christmas morning. These are perfect for toddler hands. Regular crayons break super easy and you need to get a new pack or work with broken off pieces. They are one of the popular gift ideas and one of our favorite purchases.

Toddler Hair Accessories

Hair clips make great stocking stuffers, too! We love this set with super cute rainbows, flowers, and different foods. Your little girl will love them, too. They’re great quality and very vibrant.

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