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Mamaroo vs Rockaroo

Mamaroo vs Rockaroo

Leah Diana

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Going out on a limb here, but we’re guessing you’ve heard of both the 4moms Mamaroo and Rockaroo. They are two wildly popular baby swings available on the market today. So, which one should you buy for your little one? We did some digging to help you decide…

A baby is a blessing and brings much joy to new parents. One of the items that you will need for your new arrival is a baby swing. Baby swings are a great way to help soothe and calm your baby. They can provide comfort to your little ones and help them to get some much-needed rest. Plus, they are just plain fun! So let’s have a look at the popular 4moms swings.

What is the same?

Looking at 4moms mamaroo vs rockaroo, the two swings can be used from birth until the baby reaches 25 pounds or about 6 months old. For both, the seat fabric is machine washable, which is really great, a mesh fabric. They both has a modern and compact design that fits great into homes even with less space.


The mamaRoo swing has 5 bounce and sway motions and speeds to choose from.

You can also try out 4 built in sounds and the swing has a MP3 plugin.

It is bluetooth enabled, which lets you change speed and sounds from your phone.

The attachment on top has hanging toys (balls with a rattle, crinkle, and mirror on them).

With the mamaRoo you have the option of infinite recline positions.

The benefit of the mamaRoo baby swing is that you simply have a lot more setting options to adjust based on what your baby likes and you can experiment. Does your baby like white noise or music being played while being swayed up and down, and from side to side? It can also be very nice as a parent to be able to adjust the speed or mode from the phone without having to go up to it and change things manually.


The rockaRoo swing uses a back and forth gliding motion, kind of like a rocking horse, and has 5 speeds you can choose.

It does have a MP3 plugin but no built in sounds and you can’t control the motion settings via bluetooth connectivity from your phone.

While the rockaRoo also has reversible toy balls, they don’t have the mirror etc. on them.

It also has only one seating position and does not offer different recline positions.

When comparing the rockaRoo vs mamaRoo, the rockaRoo baby swing is a bit more affordable but still expensive. It is also a bit lighter and smaller, which can be a pro for smaller spaces or if you plan on moving it from one room to another sometimes. You need to evaluate your priorities for a swing and how much you’re willing to spend. Do you need the swing to be able to move in different directions with different motions and recline or not? Do you care about the toys being more interactive and if you can control speed settings via phone?

So which should you choose?

Which is better, Mamaroo vs Rockaroo? Both are excellent options, but let’s take a closer look at the biggest difference to see which might be best for you and your little one. The main difference between the MamaRoo and RockaRoo is that the mamaRoo bounces up and down and rocks side to side, while the RockaRoo only rocks front to back. Also, the 4moms mamaRoo is more expensive compared to the 4moms rockaRoo.

Well, it depends on what your baby prefers. Some babies love the bouncy motion of the Mamaroo, while others prefer the steadier rocking motion of the Rockaroo. Ultimately, it’s up to you and your baby to decide which one they like best!

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