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Best Diaper Backpacks 2023

Best Diaper Backpacks 2023

Casey Stevens

Diaper backpacks – a must-have for any mother or father!

There used to be a time when you could get away with a simple tote bag to store all your baby essentials while on the move, but today, there are considerably better options!

For starters, we are not even going to recommend typical diaper bags that resemble your every-day tote bags simply because they are impracticable for getting the job done!


Let’s look at the advantages of rocking a diaper backpack:


  • Quick & Easy access to wipes: one thing you’ll notice right off the bat as a parent is the sheer amount of napkins and wet wipes you will go through. It’s a hassle to constantly rummage through your pockets or tote bag for some. On the other hand, a good diaper backpack will have a dedicate spot for wipes that makes it a cinch to access.
  • Hands-free carrying: let’s be honest, everyone’s baby is a handful! With a backpack, you’re able to better manage your baby, and most importantly, keep both of your hands-free. Having a tote bag constantly sliding down your shoulder while trying to wipe your baby’s mouth will get troublesome.
  • Compartments: after a couple of days, you’ll know the exact backpack pocket to go into to find your baby’s toy or clothing. Instead of digging through a large open bag, you’ll feel considerably more organized.
  • Comfort: bags are heavy, especially when they are packed to the brim with all your baby essentials. Distributing the weight of your diaper bag across both shoulders and over your back is the safest and most comfortable way to toll the weight around.
  • Neutral design: the mass majority of popular diaper back bags are suitable for either a mother or father to carry. On the flip side, something like a tote bag tends to be a more feminine design.

Below, you’re going to find 5 diaper back bags that we recommend. We update the list constantly, and we did our very best to find the most optimal bags for you. We looked at function, style, and cost to determine the best ones.


Top 5 Diaper Back bags for 2020



Ruvalino Diaper Bag

This diaper bag makes it top on our list because it’s one of the best-sellers online, and for good reason! The makers behind this bag did a fantastic job in creating a bag that gets the job done.

Let’s look at some of the features:


  • Insulted Pockets: looking for a spot to keep a baby bottle cold or warm? Well, this bag has a dedicated spot for 2 bottles!
  • Changing Pad: need to change your baby on the go? Well, this diaper bag can convert into an easy-to-clean changing pad!

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