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5 Best Kids Yoga Mats

5 Best Kids Yoga Mats

Leah Diana

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Has your child shown interest when you were doing yoga? Getting them their own kids yoga mat can make them feel more included and taken seriously. You can also use a yoga mat as a place for your babies playtime. They can be easier to take places than play mats, depending on what you’re using.

Introducing kids to exercise at an early age can benefit by keeping them active and therefore tired for nap time, aid in their mobility and flexibility, as well as giving them mental focus. Yoga is a great way to practice safe exercises without much risk of breaking a bone. You’ll still want a nice cushioned yoga mat so that they don’t hurt themselves.

For the kids yoga mat you want to look for similar things as you do for your own. Most importantly, a soft and non slip surface. Depending on your child’s interests or favorite color you can choose from different designs that are made just for kids mats.

To safe you time while looking for a yoga mat for your little one, we compiled a short list below of the 5 best kids yoga mats.

Gaiam Kids Yoga Mat

This fun yoga mat is perfect for toddlers. It comes with different bright colors and illustrations that are simply very cute. On one side is an illustration, the other side is only the color.

The surface of the mat is slip resistant so that your kid will have a good grip as well as the mat to the floor. It is made of PVC but is non-toxic.

The softness makes also a great little play mat for hard floors in your home or even outside.

It’s lightweight that your kid could even roll it up and carry it themselves. It’s one of the best yoga mats for young yogis to learn.

Size: 60″ x 24″

Recommended age: 5-8 years old

Bean Products Mat

The Panda version is really nice for kids and the pandas are even doing yoga on the mat, too. Seeing this can excite your child to try them, too.

A non slippery surface is of course on this mat as well to keep kids stable when doing their yoga.

The yoga mat is made from eco friendly materials, lightweight and easy to clean. It is also made in the USA by a family business.

Size: 60″ x 24″

Alex Active Activity Mat

These foam tiles come together as a puzzle to create an activity mat/yoga mat for the very little ones. It has yoga exercises shown on it in vibrant colors.

You can arrange the puzzle pieces in any order you wish. Do note that this makes a smaller mat than the mats we’ve talked about so far. You can use it for younger children or rather as a play mat.

It comes with an activity book for more ideas as to what to do with the mat. While we don’t recommend this if the whole purpose of a mat is for yoga but rather if you want to have a soft mat to do a variety of things with and on.

Size: 12″ x 12″

Really Good Stuff Kids Yoga Mat

Your child can try to learn yoga poses from the mat even without a class as there are 24 poses illustrated on the mat. It’s really the best selling point of this mat. It also has rounded corners.

Again, this mat is soft but has a textured surface to ensure kids don’t slip around while exercising.

Be aware that this mat is a little longer than other mats mentioned before as well as noticeably thicker than usual yoga mats. Also, some people have said that there is a strong smell to the mats.

Size: 68″ x 24″


This unicorn mat comes with yoga cards and a cute bag for the mat.

With non-toxic materials and non slip surface your child is able to really try all the fun poses on the cards.

It can be a game or challenge for the whole family. Doing things together makes it so much more fun, doesn’t it?

Size: 60″ x 24″

Why get your child their own kids yoga mat?

  • Give your child a sense of independence and self worth. The lightweight, smaller mats are ideal for children to be able to grab, use, and store them away all by themselves.
  • They might want to go to yoga practice with their own mat they can carry and has a motive of their liking.
  • It gives them a set space to practice and do their movements in, instead of a mat too big for them where they might be less focused on where they position themselves.

How to get your child into yoga?

  • Do some poses with the whole family. It can make it more fun and fun is what we want them to have.
  • Look at illustrations or videos that show how to do yoga together.
  • Adding some music can be a nice addition but don’t make it too loud. They should still be focused on the exercises.
  • Do a little test class either online or in person. In person your child can also make friends with other little yogis.
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