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13 Best Toys For 3 Year Old Girls

13 Best Toys For 3 Year Old Girls

Leah Diana

There are so many different kinds of toys on the market these days, it can be difficult to decide which ones are the best for your daughter. If you’re looking for great toys for 3 year old girls, there are definitely some great options worth considering. There are so many different kinds of toys that appeal to girls of this age, from dolls and dress-up clothes to miniature kitchen sets and art supplies.

One of the best things about giving toys as gifts for 3 year old is that it will bring a lot of joy to the child who receives it. Playing with toys is a vital part of a child’s development, and can help her learn about the world around her. Plus, it’s just plain fun!

Wooden Scoop and Serve Ice Cream Counter

We love pretend play for toddlers! This Melissa & Doug set is a great option for open ended toys that enable kids to play with their imagination as well as learn about real life scenarios with this ice cream counter. Super fun and a cute, quality toy. This set is perfect for endless hours of play alone, with family, siblings or friends. It has been a big hit!

Kids Cooking Set

This set includes a kids chef hat and apron, mitt and utensils for your next baking or cooking experience with your little girl. Of course it is also great for play pretend but you can also look at kids cooking kits that provide you with fun and easy recipes for kids.

Princess Tent

Does your 3 year old love playing princess? Or simply build forts to be cozy and have a reading corner? This tent castle is super cute and easy to assemble! It comes with star lights to make it extra special at night. Add some blankets and pillows to make it a cozy corner to play, read, watch a movie, etc.

Digital Camera for Toddlers

If your child loves playing with your phone or camera and taking pictures or play games, this might be a great toy. This small kids camera comes with a microSD card and your little girl can take photos, videos, play games and explore features. It’s sturdy and easy for kids to use.


This wooden dollhouse made of 3 levels and an elevator makes little girls smile from ear to ear. While the assembly takes time, it is really worth it if your kid loves to play with barbies or other dolls. It comes with 14 furniture pieces, making it great to play right away.

Disney Frozen 2 Foam Jigsaw Puzzle

Disney’s Frozen has been a favorite for a while now and if your child loves the movies, this 25 piece foam puzzle will be so much fun! The pieces are made of thick foam board, and big so that little hands can hold and use them easily. This is a great introduction to puzzles for a 3 year old girl!

LEGO DUPLO Town Bakery

This is a great starter lego sets for girls. It is also a great addition if you already have other sets or blocks. It comes with 46 pieces and provides a lot of fun for young toddlers with imaginative play.

Jumbo 50-Page Kids’ Coloring Pad

This wonderful coloring book is really great with quality paper and beautiful objects to color. The princess option is great for princess loving girls but there are multiple options. Kids can use pencils, watercolor, markers, crayons to be creative.

Newborn Baby Doll

If you’re looking for a baby doll for your child this one is really cute, comes with accessories and even a certificate of adoption. We love that you have option of different eye and skin colors! There is also a baby powder smell to this doll. Pretend play or as a preparation for a sibling is great with this!

Deluxe Standing Art Easel

Looking for an easel that does it all – with a dry-erase board, chalkboard, and locking paper-roll holder? Look no further, this is the perfect wooden, quality easel for your little ones. You can fold it for easy storage but be sure kids will love to have it out and play with it.

Jewelry Making Kit (Snap Pop Beads)

So much fun for girls ages 3 and up! The snap pop beads are easy to use and helps with fine motor skills. There are different things she can make, a necklace, a bracelet, rings. It will provide hours of fun and creativity.

Pretend & Play Calculator Cash Register

We love pretend play! This is the perfect toy for girls that want to play and learn. They can learn about math and money, as this cash register set comes with pretend money. It is solar powered and the pink option is perfect for a child that loves this color. Kids should be ages 3 years and older to avoid choking hazards.

Adjustable Height Foldable Scooter

Super cute colors to choose from and a removable seat!? This is one of the best gifts for a 3 year old girl! They can scoot while standing or sitting, the wheels light up, and the scooter is safe and sturdy. It is a great way to get your child playing outside more!

When looking for toys for young girls, you can consider lego sets for girls. There are many different sets we covered in this article.

One option is a jewelry making kit. These toys help develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, as well as counting skills among 3 year olds.

Another great option for the best toys is a dollhouse, cash register or other imaginative play toy. Pretend play helps children learn about social interaction and role-playing.

Finally, don’t forget about classic favorites like crayons, coloring books, and puzzles! These types of toys can help improve cognitive skills and problem solving abilities. Whichever type of toys you choose from the gift ideas for your 3 year old girl, it will be a lot of fun!

While three year olds are usually safe to play with smaller objects without choking hazards, we always do recommend to be there and of course make sure even a three year old is being careful and not trying to eat parts of toys like coins.

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