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Sweet & Fun Ideas For Pregnancy Announcement To Husband

Sweet & Fun Ideas For Pregnancy Announcement To Husband

Leah Diana

If you’re looking for creative ways to announce your pregnancy to your husband, you’ve come to the right place! Here are a few ideas that are sure to get his attention and leave him feeling excited about the new arrival. Whatever you decide, just make sure it’s something that will put a smile on his face. Congratulations and happy planning!!!

Write A Card

Get a card to write a little something in it to personalize it. You can buy one or craft one yourself. If you already have an ultra sound picture, you can place inside. A fun way to tell your husband could be getting a birthday card and changing the wording on the front. For example a birthday card with a 9 on it – make it into T-9 Months!

Get Baby Clothes

Buy little baby shoes or a little outfit. When your husband sees the a piece of baby clothing he sure will know what is going on. And little shoes or a baby onesie is simply adorable! – And useful in the future. You can get a plain, pretty outfit but there is also fun ones with writing like “Hi Daddy” or similar.

Pacifier/Baby Bottle

This only works if you don’t have kids yet. An easy way to tell your husband is to get a baby bottle and place it next to your husband’s coffee cup or somewhere he will see it for sure. A pacifier might be laying near the keys or other obvious place.

Gift Box

For a surprise pregnancy announcement wrap the positive pregnancy test in a gift box. There is special ones you can engrave online but you can also use a regular gift box or also an old watch case or similar that fits the test.

Photo Of The Bun In The Oven

Put the ultra sound photo in the oven and tell your husband to check what is cooking in the oven. It is simple and gets to the point fast while still being fun with a pun.

Change His Desktop Wallpaper

It is a unique way to reveal your pregnancy. If you have the first ultra sound, change his desktop wallpaper to it. If you don’t you can make a background with the due date or a cute message or pictures of baby stuff. You can use for this.

Scratch Off Card

Get a scribble lottery card that says you’re having a baby. This has become more popular because it is an interactive way of telling people and they think they won something but then in the bottom it reveals the big news.

Wine Label

You can place a label like this over the existing wine label and give it to your husband.

Balloons With Photos

Great idea if it’s his birthday soon but can be done randomly simply as a surprise announcement to husband of course. Attach pictures printed to the ends of the balloon strings. One can be the ultra sound picture or a little note that say’s he will be a dad. You could also write it on the backside of the photos.

Scavenger Hunt

Do a scavenger hunt with the final find being the pregnancy test. It is an exciting, fun way of telling your husband. It can also be fun to incorporate children if you already have ones.

Easter Egg Hunt

Of course this is in case you celebrate easter and it is close to when you find out. You can empty eggs to paint and add a little note in one of the eggs for your husband to find and open.

Announce with your pet

Including your pet offers some really cute ways to tell your husband you’re pregnant. There are some super cute pet bandanas that you can put on your dog or cat to show your loved one that he will be a dad soon.

Letter Board

A lot of time a pregnancy reveal is done on social media especially with letter boards or chalkboards. This can also be done at home. Have it ready in thee kitchen or living room when your husband gets home or when he gets up for his morning coffee.

We hope you were able to find this helpful and found the perfect way to announce your baby news. If you have any additional creative ideas for pregnancy announcements you can let us know in the comments.

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