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Reusable Gift Wrapping Ideas

Reusable Gift Wrapping Ideas

Leah Diana

Are you also tired of the regular gift wrapping paper to use for gifts? I must say it can be fun to rip it open, especially for kids, but lately, I’ve been thinking more and more about what a waste wrapping paper is since a lot of us don’t reuse it. You end up with crinkled or torn paper thrown away. So what are reusable gift wrapping ideas? You can still get super cute patterns and colors for the different options and personalize it to your aesthetic. Let’s look at some of our favorites.

Fabric Wrapping

A reusable fabric gift wrap is simple and looks really cute. You can create your own if you have fabric at home or buy some with different prints. You want to make sure that the size of the fabric isn’t too big. I’ve tried using a thin scarf before I got fabric to use and it definitely looked a bit too bulky for my liking. I think a nice silk scarf if you have one or want to gift one could also be very cute. It is my favorite reusable gift wrap option.

These cute patterns are great for a kid’s present, for birthdays, or any gift really. The fabric is precut to 20 x 20 inches and it is a pack of 8. There are also other patterns available if you’re looking for a solid color option for example.

This is a different pattern option that is perfect as reusable gift wrap for Christmas presents! The 8 pack also comes in 20 x 20 inches fabric sheets and already has different patterns for the occasion.

Using a beautiful silk scarf can be a really nice option, too. Additionally, this can not only be repurposed as a wrapping but also used and be an additional present.

Drawstring Bag

These plaid Christmas sacks belong under a Christmas tree, don’t they? Super cute and makes it extremely easy to pack and unpack presents! The patterns do vary slightly but I think thats great. Reusing it year after year makes it a great eco friendly gift wrap choice.

Looking for a boho-style bag? This 2 piece set is adorable! It also has a Christmas/winter pattern option.

Drawstring bags are also just great to keep smaller gifts together in one place.

Add personalization like a name to this large Christmas bag! It can hold also pretty big gifts or multiple smaller ones, making it easy for Santa to bring them to your living room.

Tote Bags

A more sturdy take on the usual gift bags could be these tote bags that can also be reused as grocery bags or casual beach bags. The natural color fits in any home. Add some tissue paper to hide gifts so someone can’t peak in from the top.

These personalized tote bags are also great for the beach or shopping but make a nice extra gift to hold gifts.

Gift Boxes

Gift boxes are another easy way to package gifts nicely and be able to reuse them. You can add a nice bow, ribbon, or decorate it more to personalize the box.

A set with different sizes is an awesome deal and gives many possibilities for gift wrapping.

Round gift boxes are very cute and are awesome for of course round gifts or things like clothes but also for multiple smaller gifts.

Other sustainable ways to wrap presents:


If you like to draw or paint or have a kid that loves to be creative, you can use a big sheet of plain paper and create artwork and use it as wrapping paper. For small kids, even finger painting is fun. Each paper will be so much more unique and special compared to traditional wrapping paper. You can come up with new designs for different occasions.


Using newspaper as gift wrapping can be a cool way to reuse the paper you have at home already to wrap gifts. It would be a real zero-waste option. Just make sure what might be on the page, no sad or upsetting news.

Create your own gift box

Using either cardboard or an old shoe box, you can decorate it by clueing wrapping paper or print outs, cut outs, or photos on it. Very personalized and fun to make.

If you’re trying to be more sustainable, I think you will also like our post about reusable paper towels!

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