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Best LEGO Sets For Girls 2022

Best LEGO Sets For Girls 2022

Leah Diana

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Did you love LEGO when you were a kid? Many parents want to introduce their children to LEGO for different reasons – to share a passion, to create worlds together, for imagination, to improve fine motor skills, to give them simply something new to play with. No matter your reason, you want your child to be intrigued by the set you choose. While there is nothing wrong with giving your little girl any of the LEGO sets out there, we show you a few especially fun LEGO sets for girls. The LEGO Friends sets are more focused on girls as the “Friends” are all girls. This means the main figure will also be a girl.

At what age can children play with LEGO?

For children age 18 months to 5 years there is a DUPLO subsection of LEGO. These are like big LEGOs, making it safer for smaller kids. It is also a lot easier for little hand to handle DUPLO bricks and add them together. They still offer plenty of different fun sets in this line.

For older kids they have different sets that state for what age it is. There are normal sized LEGO sets for kids starting at 4 year old.

Either way, you will have to help them build if they want the exact outcome as on the box, and can keep an eye on them while doing so. These sets come with detailed instructions on how to build the buildings or items. This process teaches your child patience, to follow instructions and organization. Of course they can use any blocks from any set to create their own world, too.

The self confidence the little ones gain from the accomplished feeling of having build something is such a nice thing to witness. Some sets are also great for educational purposes.

Our Favorite LEGO Sets For Girls:

LEGO Ideas Women Of NASA

This space set features figures of 4 women of NASA – Nancy Grace Roman, Margaret Hamilton, Sally Ride, and Mae Jemison – and displays what they specialize in.

It is for sure one of our favorite sets especially for girls. It shows that girls can also get into fields that often are dominated by men. Having female role models can spark a lot more interest in different topics.

The set is recommended for kids 10+ years old but if your kid is into space or you want your little one to get interested in STEM fields, you can definitely get this for your child earlier.

There is also a book that goes along with the set you can buy separately. It is interactive with a quiz in the end, which also helps with reading comprehension.

LEGO Disney Frozen Elsa’s Magical Ice Palace

The Disney Movie “Frozen” has become a fan favorite among young girls. If your child is also obsessed with the movies and songs, she will love this set.

They will be playing with the figures of some of the favorite characters of the story like Anna, Elsa, and Olaf.

It’s a big set and will take some time to assemble. This gives a great opportunity for bonding. Turn on the Frozen soundtrack and have fun!

LEGO Friends Doggy Day Care

This cute set is easy to assemble. They will be super excited when they complete it. After the imagination can roam freely. Kids can play taking care of dogs while their owners are at work. Brushing them, taking them for walks, washing them, etc.

If your kid is a dog or animal lover they will love playing with this set. It comes with two doll and two dog figures.

LEGO Friends Emma’s Fashion Shop

If your little one loves playing dress up or shows any interest in fashion, this might be a really good set for them! The building has two stories that can be detached for easier play in the bottom level.

They can design new outfits in the studio upstairs and sell them in the store below. The store has some fun features like the dressing room.

LEGO Friends Heartlake City Hospital

This hospital set is another great way to have very creative play by being able to create many scenarios. We also really love that the doctor figure in this set is a woman. For girls seeing a woman in different roles makes them realize they can be anything and they should not be limits to their future.

There is also an ambulance in this set that is fun to drive around and bring patients to the hospital.

LEGO DUPLO Disney Frozen Tea Party

This is set perfect to introduce your child to LEGO if they like the movies “Frozen”. The figures included are Elsa and Olaf.

This is perfect for very young kids 2+ years old. There are only a few pieces and they are big and easy to assemble.

LEGO Disney Frozen II Elsa’s Jewelry Box

With this set your “Frozen” fan will be able to create their own Frozen jewelry box. Also, there is two LEGO toy rings in it!

The jewelry box has a mirror, drawer and lock. Children can also still play with the box and the two figures that come with the set.

LEGO City Cargo Train

A train with tracks is a classic gift and rightfully so. It is fun for everyone!

This motorized set comes with 4 train cars, a control center, an armored truck, a forklift, 6 mini figures and rail tracks.

It can be used as an addition to other construction sets. If you have more tracks, you can build a massive train tack if you want to.

This is exciting for old and young, everyone.

LEGO Harry Potter Hagrid’s Hut

This set from The Prisoner of Azkaban contains multiple figures of the main characters and also Buckbeak the hippogriff. Inside the hut there is a fire that lights up by clicking a button.

For any Harry Potter fan this is a great LEGO set of one of the most famous scenes.

LEGO Friends Olivia’s Electric Car

This is a great way to teach your kids about energy and the environment. Maybe you drive an electric car yourself? It’s always great for children to learn early on what is becoming more popular since they will be in that world.

The charging station and toy wind turbine are great for them to try to visualize how green energy is made.

LEGO DUPLO Minnie’s Birthday Party

This DUPLO set is another great set for the very small ones 2+ years. Easy to put together with the big blocks and the iconic character makes it feel familiar.

Perfect for a birthday gift so your little girl can celebrate with Minnie.

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