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Easter Basket Ideas For Kids 2023

Easter Basket Ideas For Kids 2023

Leah Diana

Easter is just around the corner, and that means it’s time to start thinking about Easter baskets! If you’re looking for some inspiration, we’ve got you covered. Check out our top picks for Easter basket ideas for kids. From fun toys and games to tasty treats, we’ve got something for everyone. And don’t forget the all-important Easter egg hunt! We’ll help you make sure your little ones have a blast this Easter.

Toys & Games

Sidewalk Chalk

The perfect thing for kids during spring when it get’s warmer and they will enjoy the time outside. This will sure keep your kids happy and busy for a while and they get some fresh air!

You can make drawings together of the easter bunny, flowers, easter eggs, etc.

Dino Egg Dig Kit

Instead of easter eggs, let’s play with dino eggs!

This new egg toy is amazing, educational, and fun for your little one. If your kid is interested in science and paleontology it is especially great but we think any child will love this STEM activity.

Dig up a different dinosaur in each egg, just be careful as things easily get messy!

Grow ‘N Glow Terrarium Kit

Watch and see a mini ecosystem grow in this cute jar that your kids can decorate and make their own. It’s pretty simple and you will see growth quickly.

This is so fun and special for a unique gift for your child. It teaches your child about nature, science and taking care of something.

Outdoor Nature Scavenger Hunt Card Game

Looking for a fun activity outside? This game is perfect for outdoor play on warm sunny days but can also be played indoors if you want to. The goal is to find something matching what is on the card – round, green, thin, etc.?

Rock Painting Creativity Arts Crafts DIY Supplies Kit

How about instead of painting eggs we paint rocks this year? Or both. This set comes with 12 rocks, 6 standard paints, 6 metallic paints, 5 glow in the dark paints, and other things like brush and sponge.

It will be a fun activity for kids of all ages and kids love especially the glow in the dark paint is usually a hit.

Ball Catch Set Game Paddle

Get ready for some tossing and catching! Keep your kids active, playful and at the end of the day tired and happy about a great day! You can choose a few different color combinations. It’s simply a classic game. Happy throwing!

Wooden Egg Shakers 

The perfect toy to learn sounds on easter! Will fit any basket, can be used for easter egg hunting, and are already colored and decorated.

It is best for kids a bit older because of the size but can be used for a long time.

Little Kids Fubbles No Spill Bubble Tumbler

Who doesn’t love bubbles, right? It can get messy and spill everywhere so when we saw these no spill bubble bottles, we knew they are going to be a favorite for every parent with little kids. With these your easter will be without a mess!

Rainbow Ribbon Hand Kite Set

This is a great easter basket filler. This set can be used for sensory play in Montessori or Waldorf. There are many ways your child can explore the rainbow colored ribbons while running, dancing, or even building with them.

Easter Baskets

This plush easter bunny basket is simply adorable and probably our favorite easter basket. It will make easter hunt for eggs even more fun. Choose from multiple colors for your little one and fill it with candy, toys or gift it to use to find easter goodies.

This 3 pack canvas easter basket set is great for multiple kids. The baskets are big and can hold bigger easter gifts for kids. You can also use them as decoration before or after.

What are the best easter basket ideas for toddlers?

The best ideas are the ones that cater to your kid’s interests, sure but it can be really fun and exciting when it is something that can spark interest.

Themed Easter Basket Ideas

When you choose a theme for your easter basket it makes it cohesive and a whole focus for your child. They can really get into it and not get distracted by multiple different items that have no correlation to each other. It can be dinosaurs, princesses, animals, or also more easter holiday themed.

A Mix Of Things

When coming up with easter basket ideas for toddlers, we recommend not only to focus on the usual candy and chocolates. You can put some in plastic eggs to hide but having a little toy can be good to keep them entertained and can maybe teach them something while playing. We also love Easter books for toddlers!

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