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Best Stepping Stones For Kids

Best Stepping Stones For Kids

Casey Stevens

Do your children love playing on the playground? One of our kids’ favorite activities is an obstacle course! Since we don’t go to the playground every day, we wanted to be able to create one at home. Stepping stones or balance stones are perfect for balance and coordination. You can pair them with other things like a nugget or climbing toys to create a whole parkour. Keep reading for our top pick of best stepping stones for kids.

JumpOff Jo Rocksteady Balance Stepping Stones

We can highly recommend this set of 6 different sized steps. They offer really cute colors and have two different heights. Play floor is lava and let kids practice their gross motor skills walking from one to the other. They are great for both indoor and outdoor.

Step-a-Trail Stepping Stones

This 6-piece set comes with 3 steps and 3 logs. These balance stepping stones and balance beams are non-slip and the texture on top is there for the pattern but also to prevent sliding. They can be used indoor and outdoor and are very lightweight.


These foam stepping stones have vibrant colors and stone-like shapes. You can use them on a carpet or outdoors so they don’t slip when jumping around.

Dinosaurs Balance Stepping Stones

These non slip stepping stones are stackable and come in a set of 6. Use them outdoor or indoor for lots of active play. It’s great for dinosaur lovers and there are no limits to the imaginative play.

Paint your Own Stepping Stones Set

This is a great craft activity for kids alone or with siblings, family, or friends. The stepping stones are ready to paint. The set comes with 5 stepping stones, 5 brushes, and 5 paint strips, so you could have 5 kids and each would have their own stepping stone to paint. Each stepping stone will be super unique and special!

You could also use wooden balance boards as well as kids balance beams to practice balancing skills.

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