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Best Options For Your Montessori Wardrobe

Best Options For Your Montessori Wardrobe

Leah Diana

Integrating the Montessori Method at home is not difficult. The main idea is to keep things easily accessible to your toddler so they can be responsible and independently make choices. This can not only be applied in the playroom but also when choosing their own clothes.

With a Montessori Wardrobe you have your kid’s clothes on their eye level so they can see, choose and grab things themselves. This doesn’t only promote independence but also the ability for self expression.

Little tip: If your child is having trouble hanging their own clothing back on a hanger, you could try little hooks to hand them on the tag or slope in the back.

For shoes or accessories this is pretty easy by having a small open shelf to store those things in.

For clothes and jackets you will likely have to make some adjustments to your current wardrobe or get a special kids wardrobe. We compiled a list of different options from montessori style DIY to full sets to buy.

Clothing Rack Extender

If you want to extend an existing wardrobe where you already have a clothing rack in a closet, you can add an extender to it that reaches lower. You will have to measure how high your current rack is and how low the extender will reach. If it fits your needs it can be a very great and cost efficient way of adding your toddler’s wardrobe and making it accessible for them when choosing clothes.

Adjustable Curtain or Shower Curtain Rod

A perfect DIY option that can go into many places. You can add it into a closet or in a shelving unit you have to give your little one their own wardrobe. Depending on the specific rod you’re using and how much it extends, check how much it can hold without bending so that you don’t end up with everything falling. The shorter the rod the more sturdy it should be.

MontessoriHOUSEbed on Etsy

Source: MontessoriHOUSEbed

This amazing Montessori wardrobe combines shelves and clothing rack to store a lot of different clothes. In the bottom under the clothing rack is also a lot of space for shoes or little baskets to store more things in. It is handmade out of wood and you can choose different colors to fit perfectly to your style.

SimreHomeLiving on Etsy

Source: SimreHomeLiving

This beautiful handmade clothing rack with the option of a canvas shelf for shoes or other items could be the perfect addition to your little one’s room. It offers lots of hanging space for jackets, dresses, tops, whatever your heart desires. It makes it easy for your child to see the clothing options they have.

Sprout Kids

Source: SproutKids

The Alba Montessori Wardrobe is a perfect option if you’re worried about change and growth of your toddler when buying a wardrobe. The shelves are adjustable but so is the hanging bar and even the hooks. It makes it easy to place things higher and making it the perfect size when your child is growing or they need different spaces.

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