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20 Best Newborn Halloween Costumes 2023

20 Best Newborn Halloween Costumes 2023

Leah Diana

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Do you love dressing up for Halloween? So do children, of course! If you’re wondering if there are some fun and cute Halloween costumes for babies, we’ve got you covered. We have a selection below of our favorite and best newborn Halloween costumes for 2022.

For baby’s first Halloween, you can go all out for trick or treating or do something a bit more simple. Let me tell you, that it can be super fun for you and your other kids, if you have others, to do a costume as a family. There are a few costumes here that I think could work very well for matching.

Bee Fleece Sleep Sack

– Bee, Avocado, Ladybug, and more

This sleep sack is very roomy for your baby and comes in a couple of different options. It is a super cute baby costume and you could have two babies match as a ladybug and bee for example.

Baby Lion Costume

This must be the most adorable baby halloween costume! It is perfect for Halloween but can also be used for newborn photos. The hat making the lion mane makes the costume complete.

Bat Jumpsuit Costume

We loved this perfect little bat costume! This one piece is a bit more low key but such a cute baby Halloween costume. If you’re looking for a family costume, mom and dad could go as vampires and your baby could be the bat.

Animal Jumpsuit Costume

Unicorn, Panda, Zebra, Duck, and more

Looking for a cute animal costume with a hood? This option has multiple different fun animals and sizes to choose from. The baby panda, baby cow, and unicorn costume are some of our highlights.

Baby Yoda Costume

Any Star Wars fans among you? This is THE best costume for any fans and can even be a great gift for your friend’s baby. It is simply adorable and good quality! If you go trick or treat in this it will be fun for everyone.

Twin Ketchup Mustard Costume

One of our favorite infant twin costumes for Halloween is this set. They offer a few others, but this one is our favorite. You can be sure to catch people’s eyes.

Baby Fawn Costume

When we found this fawn costume, we were blown away. It is one of the best baby Halloween costumes. If you can get your hands on a matching deer costume for everyone in the family this would be so cute!

Superman Costume

One of parents’ favorite Halloween costume for babies, especially boys, is this superman infant costume. It is great for the little ones to keep them warm.

Teddy Bear Costume

Such a stinkin’ cute baby Halloween costume! Dress your baby up as a little bear in this adorable costume. Your baby will get all the snuggles as a teddy bear now!

Baby Elvis Costume

If you or your family loves Elvis, this might be the Halloween costume for you. It looks adorable and will be a hit! You might want to size up a little as the neckline is tight.

Baby Shark Costume

This is one of the easiest baby Halloween costumes to put on and get baby dressed. The costumes comes with a nice zipper in the front and a bbig hood for showing the shark teeth.

Baby Astronaut Costume

As someone who loves space, NASA, etc., this needed to be mentioned for the best baby costumes. How adorable is this!? It looks really good and good quality. There is also a police and fireman costume option if you look on the product page.

Baby Dinosaur Costume

This super cute baby Halloween costume comes in green, pink, purple, blue, and grey. It is a great option to bring in color and keep your little one warm.

Harry Potter Costume

For all our fellow Harry Potter fans out there, I know you’ll love this. This set of two zip-up jumpsuits in Potter style is adorable!

Pair it with this set to complete the full baby Halloween costume!

You can also wear them just for fun during the year, too. The set looks cute on its own as well!

Red Riding Hood Costume

A classic costume! It is one of the people’s favorite costumes and also one of the best baby Halloween costumes. If you have a dog, he could be the wolf.

Snow White Costume

You can choose different princess tulle dresses but this color scheme reminds you a lot of Snow White and her dress. It looks super cute!

If you have other kids, they might want to dress up as princesses or princes, too.

Micky Mouse

If you love Disney and Micky Mouse, consider this cute set. There are a few different variations if you would like it to look a bit different.

It is also great for a party!

Minnie Mouse

Similar to the Micky Mouse set, this is a super cute set that also comes in different colors and combinations. The little polka dots are simply adorable. You can use it as a newborn, baby Halloween costume but also as a cutee outfit.

Skunk Costume

Stinkin’ cute! This can make the perfect newborn costume for Halloween that keeps your baby warm and cozy. We love the look!

Little Lamb Costume

This adorable baby Halloween costume comes with the dress and hood as well as the tights and little booties. Really sweet looking. If you’re going outside you will likely need a bit more to keep warm.

We hope you can take some baby costume ideas from this and have a splendid time with your little one. In case you don’t want to go and dress your baby in a full-on Halloween costume, you could do a fall-inspired jumpsuit with little pumpkins or other things printed on it. It still give the fall and Halloween vibes but are more sublte “costumes”.

When buying a baby Halloween costume, make sure to consider where you want them to wear it.

If you want to show the outfit while outdoors, you might want to opt for a costume that is warmer and thicker. You could also size up in a costume to fit a sweater or other warmer clothes underneath.

If you want to have it for an indoor Halloween party or similar, that is not as much of a concern.

We hope you have a fun Halloween with your baby. Let us know what you think are the best baby Halloween costumes, and if you like family costumes.

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