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Best Bilingual German Children’s Books

Best Bilingual German Children’s Books

Leah Diana

Bilingualism is a great skill for children to develop, and we’ve talked about how to raise a bilingual child – the most popular methods that parents use. But other than implementing a method on how, when or who talks to the child in the second language, there are things you can do like reading books in that language, listening to songs, and watch TV shows or movies. German is a fantastic language to learn and there are plenty of bilingual German children’s books that can help your child learn the language while enjoying a good story. Let’s look at some of the best bilingual German children’s books out there.

Where Is My Little Dog? – Wo ist mein kleiner Hund?

This bilingual children’s book can help teach young children first words in German. The story follows a little dog named Bobby who disappears and his owner’s search to find him. Along the way, children will learn different places and objects in German, as well as simple questions and answers. The book is designed for children ages 2-5 and is a great way to introduce them to a new language. The colorful illustrations and simple story make it easy for young children to follow along, and the added bonus of 4 extra coloring pages in the print version is a nice touch.

My First Bilingual Book–Opposites

This is a great bilingual board book that can help babies and young children learn new vocabulary in both English and German. The book is designed to introduce more complex concepts beyond colors and numbers, such as opposites, which is a great way for children to expand their language skills. The book features bright illustrations and clear, bold text in both English and German.

Meine Wünsche für Dich – I Wish You Happiness

This is a heartwarming and inspiring bilingual children’s book that can be enjoyed by both German and English-speaking children. It’s a perfect gift for baby showers, graduations, or any occasion really! The book is filled with positive and beautiful messages that aim to inspire young readers. The illustrations are stunning and add to the overall beauty of the book.

Alice in Wonderland / Alice im Wunderland

It’s a timeless classic and this books is great for parents of bilingual children or a bit more advanced learners. The sentence-by-sentence translation placed directly side by side allows for easy comparison and understanding of both languages. The book’s imaginative and entertaining dialogues can make the learning process fun and engaging.

Children’s Stories in Dual Language German & English

The collection in this book includes 10 fantasy stories that are specially designed for children ages 7-12. The stories are available in parallel German and English text, which helps children learn new vocabulary in both languages. The book also comes with free downloadable audio in both German and English. You can follow along as you read or listen to the audio with your child. It is an excellent choice for adult language learners.

The Rainbow Fish – Der Regenbogenfisch

This is a children’s book that features beautiful illustrations and tells the story of Rainbow Fish, whose glittery scales are desired by other fish. Although the story promotes the value of sharing, some readers find the idea of tearing off and sharing one’s scales a bit strange and disgusting. Nevertheless, the book is a classic and can be useful for educational purposes, especially for those learning German or teaching the language to others. The book’s illustrations are also captivating and enjoyable for young readers.

Let’s also look at some full German children’s books that are great for German learners or bilingual kids of native German speakers. These do not have English translation next to them.

Die Kleine Raupe Nimmersatt/ the Very Hungry Caterpillar

The German edition of this classic by Eric Carle, is a great book for German language learners of all ages. With its simple language and extensive illustrations, it is perfect for young children who are just starting to learn German. The book does a great job of balancing fact and fiction, providing interesting information about the life cycle of a caterpillar while still keeping the story entertaining and engaging.

Das kleine Gespenst

This book has been a classic german children’s book for decades and is beloved by many children and adults alike. The story is imaginative and fun, with a good message about friendship and helping others. The illustrations are also beautiful and add to the charm of the book. Overall, it’s a wonderful addition to any children’s book collection and a great choice for German learners as well.

Whether you choose a classic children’s book or a more modern story, exposing your child to German literature at a young age is a great way to encourage bilingualism and help them develop important language skills. For other bilingual kids books, check out the best French children’s books. You could also look not only for easy books but also for comic books or other well known books that have been translated into multiple languages like Harry Potter.

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