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5 Best Bassinet Strollers for 2023

5 Best Bassinet Strollers for 2023

Leah Diana

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You’re expecting a baby and are wondering what kind of stroller you should get? There are so many options but for newborns a stroller with a bassinet seat is the perfect option. It gives them a close place to sleep, keeps them warm and comfortable, and keeps their spine and head straight. We made a list of the best bassinet strollers to save you time.

What is a Bassinet Stroller?

Bassinet strollers are strollers that have a bassinet where the newborn baby can lie safely. Since it’s still early for a newborns development, their neck muscles are not yet strong enough to keep their head up and back straight on their own. This is why you need to look for fully declining strollers or with a bassinet attachment. Your newborn needs to lay in a fully flat position and a bassinet offers a safe sleep space. Once the baby can hold its own head you can also use regular strollers since they don’t have to lay flat anymore.

Bassinets are used overnight, for naps, and travel. It is where the child sleeps in when not at home or in an open environment like if you were going to the park. The best bassinet stroller features a reversible seat, a cup holder, lockable wheels, reclining or adjustable footrest. They also usually come with a safety harness in both infant car seats and separate bassinet, and a height adjustable handlebar. Not all bassinet attachments for strollers can be used as a home or travel bassinet but some are overnight approved. This is especially great when traveling or if you want to take your baby to a lot of places.

Our Top Picks For The Best Baby Bassinet Strollers of 2022

1. Graco Bassinet Stroller 

The reversible stroller seat can face you or the world, depending what you and the little one prefer. You can add a Graco Infant Car Seat (sold separately), which fits into the stroller as well. It is perfect for travel and easy storage as you can fold it up quick and easy with one hand.

The storage basket has plenty of room inside so you won’t need anything else when traveling or when out on a walk.

2. BABY JOY Convertible Bassinet Reclining Stroller

Turn this convertible bassinet stroller into a toddler stroller. It can change depending on your baby’s needs. The foot cover is great for colder weather. This stroller also comes with a matching diaper bag so that you can fit all your baby gear in case it doesn’t all fit in the basket. It’s a very good deal!

3. UPPAbaby VISTA V2 Stroller

This one is for sure on the higher end of our favorite bassinet strollers but parents love it. This set comes with the bassinet and toddler seat that click in. If you choose to, you can get other attachable seats depending on your needs as your child or children grow.

Pushing this stroller is easy and it has a very big storage space in the basket underneath.

4. Maxi-Cosi Zelia 5-In-1 Modular Travel System

The Maxi Cosi Zelia is a fan favorite and an amazing versatile bassinet stroller travel system. It has a lightweight design, making it easy for you to fold and carry it. It provides a smooth ride and comes with everything you need for your newborn. Going for a quick stroll, a long walk, traveling? Take it everywhere and easily attach the seat you need.

The large canopy is not only a wind guard but also protects your baby from unwanted attention and distractions for an undisturbed sleep.

5. Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System

Another great travel combo that comes with a car seat and a bassinet/stroller seat. It makes it so easy to keep using this stroller from newborn through toddler stages. It a good price and many parents like it.

Some parents have mentioned they do not find it easy to push as they thought. But the majority of parents love the ease of the changing seats.

What to Look for When Buying a Bassinet Stroller?

Materials: The materials need to be comfortable for your child; otherwise, you will find yourself constantly adjusting the stroller. Also consider if it will get dirty easily so you can clean it quickly after using it outside.    

Purpose of use: If you want something other than just using it daily as a main stroller, then determine what purpose do you want this baby stroller to serve before purchasing one because if you want one for travel, you’ll want to look at something like a convertible stroller that is lightweight and foldable. Also if you want a bassinet stroller for jogging, then you will want one that is easy to push and turns quickly.

Price: Decide how much money you are willing to spend on your bassinet stroller before searching online or in stores because prices vary widely. If the price doesn’t match what you’re looking for, then it might not be worth purchasing at all and just settle with a regular stroller.

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