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$60 Freshly Coupon Code 2022

$60 Freshly Coupon Code 2022

freshly coupon code

If you want to eat healthier and start cooking your own meals at home instead of ordering in, eating out or eat frozen foods, but don’t know where to start then let me introduce you to the Freshly subscription box. Basically what this service does is that they send you freshly pre prepared meals every week so that it’s easy for you to eat healthy at home without having to worry about buying all the ingredients and cooking yourself. I would recommend this service because not only helping you eat better but also lets you try out new meals and flavors. Freshly’s meals have less sugar, more nutrients and are less processed.

The best part about this service is that you can try it out for free. The first box is always free so if you don’t like it, no harm done. Although I must warn you that once you see how good the meals taste by yourself then there’s a huge chance that you will continue using this service and become a loyal customer that will come back time and time again.

Another great benefit is that you can choose how many meals depending on how many people are eating in your household. There are gluten-free options and plant-based protein options. It is also great if you want to introduce more variety into your menu as you can disable menus for a month and enable them again any time you want.

The food itself is so full of flavor and absolutely delicious, all dishes can be heated up in 3 minutes.

Why do people love Freshly?

It is convenient since you don’t have to do the grocery shopping and cooking yourself. It is also great if you don’t like to cook and eat the same thing for dinner every day since there are many options to choose from, all of them delicious.

Freshly delivers meals straight to your door in a cooler which keeps everything fresh until you decide it’s time to eat.

A single meal kit contains 4-12 meals.

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